New Cullman County notification system ready for upcoming school year

(Graphic from Facebook)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Cullman County Commission has announced that the Cullman County EMA’s Cullman County Notification System has been set up for the upcoming school year. 

Notifications for local emergencies, severe weather, special events and event traffic alerts will be delivered to registered phones via text, voice or email. The new system also offers parents and all registered new aspects of control by offering the option to choose what type of alerts are sent, when they can be received and when they stop. 

EMA Director Phyllis Little spoke on the system sharing, “The mass notification system’s primary use is going to be to get weather alerts out to the general public in the county, directly to your phone. These will be automatic alerts that will be sent through the National Weather Service. It is not something we will be keying in and will be delayed.” 

Little continued, “The secondary use of this will be the alerts—Municipality will have an option to sign onto this, they will be able to announce their council meetings or any special events they have in their communities. They can announce road closures in their communities, whatever they feel like they need to get out to subscribers who have chosen to get alerts from their municipality,” she explained, “The other thing, county departments will be able to send out closings. The commission office will be able to send out if the county commission office is closed for the day. Or send out notices about commission meetings and the times for those. It is versatile. It is going to be a great thing for Cullman County. All it requires is local subscribers to get signed up. The commission has purchased this system for the county. It is no charge to the municipalities; it is no charge to subscribers unless their phone system limits them on texting.” 

The system is free and easy to join, by texting ‘CULLMANALERT’ to 69310 or signing up online at  

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