Where my dad taught me: A photography series

Ave Maria Grotto (Photos courtesy of Ben South)

This spring at a yard sale, St. Bernard Abbey was selling some outdated student desks. My dad had been a professor at the college, and in a rare moment of sentimentality and reckless spendthrift-ery, I bought one for $35 and began photographing places around Cullman County where my dad taught me various life lessons. With a tip of the cat’s hat to Dr. Seuss, who had no children but entertained millions of us kids, here’s a Father’s Day note to my relentlessly, joyfully, tirelessly teaching dad. 

Seventh Street Baptist Church (Photos courtesy of Ben South) 

Dad taught me here and there. 

He taught me everywhere. 

Dad taught me in our house. 

He taught me not to grouse. 

Dad taught me at our church. 

He taught me to question and research. 

Dad taught me at the lake and zoo. 

He taught me to savor Johnny’s Barbecue. 

Dad taught me at the community college. 

He taught me to value faith and knowledge. 

Dad taught me on a boat and train. 

He taught me whether sun or rain. 

Dad taught me even at his grave. 

His death has not ended the lessons he gave. 

Thank you, dad for teaching me here and even up there. 

Thank you for teaching me everywhere. 

Happy Father’s Day, Big Ben! Love, Little Ben 

Johnny’s Bar-B-Q (Photos courtesy of Ben South) 

Ben South