Files from yesteryear: From the files of 1954


Couples out on Sunday afternoon or night were:

Ann McKoy and J.W. Cadle,

Pat Schaefer and Roger Gentry,

Jean Morgan and Darrell Mulaney,

Judy Wesson and Perry Tucker,

Brenda Dunlap and Bob Humphrey,

Alice Lane and David Howell,

Sandra Griffin and Charles Knighten,

Alice Chandler and David Knight,

Glenda Calvert and Wade Tucker,

Brenda Nelson and Wayne Ragland,

Yvonne Edmondson and Johnny Culwell,

Harriet Saunders and Rodney Camron,

Patti Patrick and “Weezil” Quick,

Becky Glasscock and Edward Teague,

Becky Garrison and Tommy Gilley,

Benton Engle and Max Brown and

Patsy Scott and Dan Henry. Let’s all promise ourselves to make all our friends feel that there is something very good in them.

Enon And Hamby’s Chapel

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Johnson returned form Memphis, Tennessee on Friday after spending several days with Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Short and their little son. They went up with Mr. and Mrs. Short, who had spent the Labor Day weekend as their guests. While there, they also visited Mardis and Marie Smith and son.

When George McGukin returned from the Cullman Hospital on Friday, where he had been for four weeks, recovering from an accident, he went by to see his critically ill father, Jim McGukin, despite the fact that he had to be carried on a stretcher, by ambulance attendants.

Mrs. Oree Kniphfer and children are here from Pittsburgh to make their home. They will be joined by Captain Kniphfer, a little later when he receives his discharge from the United States Army.

Stephen Edmondson is back at Florence for his junior year, while Rodney Holmes will leave next weekend for his second year at Auburn and Wallace Sanders will enter Snead College, as a freshman, next week.

Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Rogers will arrive from Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday to spend a week with relatives here and in Cullman.

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Adams enjoyed a recent visit form their two new grandchildren, along with their parents.

Just before coming to Alabama from Jerome, Idaho, Mr.and Mrs. Bill Huff (Melba Adams) adopted two lovely children, Rodney and Kay. The children will be three and two when they celebrate their birthdays in October. Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Edmondson and Gwyn were in Birmingham on Saturday.

Willie Frazier left for Terre Haute, Indiana on Saturday night, after spending several days with Odell and Ralph Frazier.