West Point High School wins 2021 Alabama Scholars’ Bowl tournament

The 2021 Alabama State Scholars’ Bowl champions. L-R: Abigail Roy, Zeke Cornett, Carter Duke, Brodie Henry, Judd Douglas, Kaleb Perry. (Photo courtesy of Lee Henry)

WEST POINT, Ala. – West Point High School’s Scholars’ Bowl team finished its 2020/21 season as the top 5A team in the state of Alabama, earning first place honors in the state tournament. West Point played Holtville High School in the championship match, winning a fairly close 230-180, with Carter Duke nailing down the victory on the last tossup question of the match.

West Point coach Lee Henry reflected on a most unusual season: 

“At the beginning of the year, with most of our tournaments either moved online or cancelled outright, I really felt that this might be a ‘lost’ year. The kids seemed relatively uninterested and unmotivated early on, but we continued to practice and grow as a team. 

“By the time we started having regular competitions, they had made incredible improvements, and–despite everything–this has definitely been the most successful year of my coaching tenure at West Point. I’m really proud of what these kids have accomplished. Bringing the 5A ASCA state title back to West Point after four years was a great way to finish off this crazy year. And, since we had no seniors on the team, they will all be back next year!”

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W.C. Mann