Holly Pond High School’s new Home Economics classroom ready for 2021 school year

(Ashlyn Grey for The Cullman Tribune)

HOLLY POND, Ala. – For the past three years, Holly Pond High School has been waiting on their brand-new Home Economics classroom and it is finally here! When the new school year begins, this classroom will be available to all and has dozens of amazing new features to help students in their studies. After months of dedicated students helping move things from the old classroom, sorting and storing, everything is finally on display and ready to go. 

With Home Economics classes average of 25 students, they often crowd together in the four available kitchen learning spaces in the previous classroom. Now, with five brand-new spacious kitchens, the students can disperse more evenly and be closer to the learning process. Every kitchen is designed to be handicap accessible so all students may have the opportunity to learn use the space. The kitchen areas also come with new exhaust fans above each stove, which provides the classroom with proper ventilation while students are cooking. The new classroom also comes with both a washer and a dryer unit, enabling the students to practice everyday life skills. 

“What a lot of people don’t realize is that these classrooms are the heart of the school. So many activities take place in here like teacher luncheons, retirement parties and more. In the past three years, when we have all come together, we have had to keep things very condensed due to such limited space and now this room has become accessible for a lot more than that. And that is what we want it to be; easy to use for anyone around me, not just my class.” said Amelia Burke, Holly Pond High School’s Home Economics teacher. 

Students and teachers alike all spoke about how excited they are that this can be an avenue for all different types of students across the school to get involved in their Home Economics class. With loads of new cabinet, counter and storage space, these kids are bound to be unstoppable. 

“It’s exciting because we did not have this during my freshman year and now, we get to cook during this class. We were in trailers, but now we get to use the ovens and learn to bake. We have the best teacher,” said one student, who was excitedly agreed with by the others. 

Everyone involved in the unveiling of this spacious, efficient and up-to-date classroom is already thrilled for the coming school year as they cannot wait to put their new technologies to work!  

(Ashlyn Grey for The Cullman Tribune)

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