Mother’s Day: Local mothers share what they’d love the most!

A bouquet of hand-picked flowers Lesley Hyde received from her son, Colin. (Photo by Lesley Bearden Hyde)

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and before you head out the door to select the perfect card or gift, listen to what these local moms have to say. The Tribune asked a group of local moms what they want and don’t want for Mother’s Day and there are some major similarities.  

Becca Hill- mother of three 

“A day without cooking! Honestly, I’m not really into gifts. I am so practical. I definitely want to be with my children on that day. It’s because of them that I am a mother. A day hanging with my babies (even though they are teenagers) and enjoying a simple day with no cooking, cleaning or running around.” 

“I don’t really want anyone to spend a lot of money on gifts unless they are getting me something practical, like the coolest vacuum or steam mop.”  

Beth Carpenter- mother of four 

“I’d rather not have anything used to clean things with!”  

Wants: Noise cancelling headphones, gift cards to her favorite shoe site, Starbucks gift card 

Tiffany Abbott Collins- mother of one 

“I don’t want anything to do with a gym membership or weight loss.”  

Wants: gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure, flowers, the house cleaned, quality time, handmade gifts, framed photos of kids 

Neotia Freeman- mother of four 

“I love chocolates and coffee! I like anything that helps the day run smoother. I don’t want any fake flowers.” She also appreciates any items such as wipes to help care for her four young children.  

Laura Willingham Walker- mother of three 

“As an artist mother, I love handmade cards and gifts. I want a gift that shows thought and that the person knows me and my preferences. I told my husband years ago that I’m not a nightbeforetheevent, Walmartgift kinda girl. I don’t even mind if a gift is free or from the thrift store if it is well thought out and artsy.”  

Leeanna Smith- mother of two 

“I like flowers hand-picked and arranged with a handmade card, family meal, family outing (even if it’s just a walk) and a clean house. I don’t really have a dislike. It’s just nice to be thought of.”  

Kayecea Chandler Sasser- mother of two 

“I love new pictures of my kids, a gift card for a manicure/pedicure, flowers or plants for outside and anything homemade! Not sure if there is anything I wouldn’t love.”  

Bethany Kerr- mother of eight 

“I think a lot of times, we moms don’t really think about what we want. I know for sure I would value a cleanedup house more than any monetary gift. I would also love to be taken out to eat somewhere nice. Nice smelling candles, a pair of pretty earrings, some chocolate, a homemade card. Personally, I love art supplies and those are always welcomed here.”  

Lesley Bearden Hyde- mother of one 

“I think I’m pretty simple. The things that I would love to have are homemade gifts or simply for my son to do something around the yard or in the house, like a chore that’s not fun or something I have been putting off. The absolute most favorite Mother’s Day gift he gave me a couple of years ago was that he picked flowers from the yard, made a little bouquet and gave it to me. That meant everything to me and made me the happiest mom in the world. The things I don’t want would be things I would buy for myself, such as clothes or jewelry. I like heartfelt things that I will always remember.”  

Mamie Dempsey- mother of two 

“My ideal Mother’s Day would be sleeping in, breakfast in bed, then napping and homemade gifts that they actually took time to do.”  

Verna Jackson- mother of two 

“Want is hard because I try not to want, but it would be nice to have my car cleaned out and it would be good to have some closets built. At my age, I just enjoy what I have.”  

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