Cullman High School Theatre presents “Into the Woods” April 29-May 1

Image courtesy of Wayne Cook

CULLMAN, Ala. After getting back into the swing of things with “Bright Star” in January, Cullman High School Theatre returns this week with “Into the Woods,” a modern rethinking of classic fairy tales, combining “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Rapunzel” into one big musical story. 

Director Wayne Cook told The Tribune, “We have been working on ‘Into The Woods’ since February. It has become a classic musical by Stephen Sondheim. We put the production together because we have a very strong group of seniors and we wanted to feature them. This production gives many and most of them leading parts in a major production. It is a great way to send out this senior class.  

 “For those unfamiliar, it is a compilation of tales from the Brothers Grimm. (Grimm Fairy Tales) There is an element of classic story telling where an audience member will see characters they recognize like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. There is also the deeper message that is basically a commentary of humanity. This production is funny, inspiring, thought provoking, shocking, colorful and magical. 

He continued, 

 “Our students do a beautiful job acting and singing as they share these stories. Students have been actively involved in set design, artwork, costuming, sound and lighting. They have done a fabulous job in every area. We even have a student who has done animation just for this show. People need to come see it.  I think the Cullman community will love this production.” 

Getting back onstage 

“Our students are eager and excited to do this show. Theatre has been a huge outlet for many during this pandemic. I told students at the beginning of the year that we would fight for them to do the same number of shows we typically do we have done it. it’s not been easy and there have been numerous bumps along the road, but our students will have completed and performed two shows in the midst of a pandemic. I will say the window for this production required us to get really busy to get it all done. This has not been a typical year by any means, but to send out this tremendously talented senior class in this way feels wonderful.  

“Things are better with things getting better with the pandemic. At our school, everyone scheduled their events and projects for the end of the year with the hopes that things would be better. This causes us to have a whole bunch going on two months out before school is out for summer. It’s been wild but we do it all for the students.  

 “We hope the community will come out and support us as we do this production. Support the arts in our community by coming to see ‘Into the Woods.” 


Baker: Caleb Brown  

Baker’s Wife: Mary Claire Page  

Witch: Laci New  

Jack: Graham Waldrop  

Cinderella: Madison Smith  

Little Red Riding Hood: Chandler Greer  

Narrator: Domenico Brunetti  

Prince Charming: Devon Campbell  

Rapunzel’s Prince/Wolf: Clay Brown  

Jack’s Mother: Kate Rains  

Mysterious Man: Cannon Trimble  

Rapunzel: Madison Spell  

Steward: Logan Kee  

Stepmother: Holli Rowan  


Florinda: Emiley Gable  

Lucinda: Ava Fales  

Milky White: Lauren Chapin  

Wolf #2: Marcos Zapien  

Cinderella’s Father: Lake Murphree  

Cinderella’s Mother: Ashlei Bryant  

Little Red’s Grandmother: Ariel Jacobs  

Giant: Avery Drake  

Sleeping Beauty: Lydia Wells  

Snow White: Monica Zapien  

Three Little Pigs: Alyssa Lindsey, Juliana Laney, Sophia Corliss  

Bird Puppeteers: Audrey Nicholas, Carrie Betts  

Horse Puppeteers: Braxton White, Harrison Drake  

Tree Ensemble/Wedding Guest/Villager: Sage Andrews, Maia Pate, Lana Gibson, Ashlin Schulte, Ashlee Smith, Ashlee Adkins, Haylee Smith, Mary Watwood 



Wayne Cook – Director/ Theatre  

Sarah Jane Skinner – Director/ Choral  

Tyler Skinner – Director/ Choral  

Elizabeth Miller – Visual Arts  

John Drake – Bearcat Network  

Emma Mansour – Lighting Design  

Scott Campbell – Set Design  

Leeanna Smith – Theatre Boosters Chair  

Noah Carpenter – Production Assistant  

Alex Nance – Animation Design 


Stage Crew  

 Olivia Wood – Stage Manager  

Livia Laney – Assistant Stage Manager  

Alyssa Tancredi, Sara Reeves, Bailey Smith, Zach Holmes, James Kelsey, Morgan Shikle, Morgan Schultz, Kaitlyn Cockrell, Lily West 


Tech Crew  

 Claude Thomas -Manager  

Mya Arnold, Anabelle Howze, Katherine Segars, Kaden Glimpse, Cody Clark, Olivia Shelton, Belle Hendrix, Avery Drake, Audrey Nicholas 


 Art Crew  

 May Dawsey, Kaytlin Cockrell, Mya Arnold, Gyver Clifton, Yanet Ruiz, Brandon Rodriguez, Haven Gardner, Caren Hernandez, Avery Drake, Cheyanne Ball, Harrison Drake, Alexis Brock 

 At a glance 

 Cullman High School Theatre’s production of “Into the Woods” 

Thursday, April 29 through Saturday, May 1, 2021 

Cullman High School auditorium 

Shows at 7 p.m. all days, with 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday 

Tickets $10 adults, $5 students, available through and 

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