412 Public House owners expand with Seasoned Catering Co.

Executive Chef Thomas Maddux got the honor of cutting the ribbon at Seasoned Catering Co. Wednesday morning in Cullman. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The ribbon was officially cut Wednesday at Seasoned Catering Co., a new catering service from the owners of the popular 412 Public House. Located in what was Top of the Town on the top floor of the Cullman Savings Bank building downtown, Seasoned is led by Executive Chef Thomas Maddux.

City leaders and representatives of the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce joined to congratulate 412 Public House co-owners Trey Jordan, Stephen Gannon and Rico Nishimura on the restaurant’s growth. The Historic Bakery, another of the group’s ventures, is on schedule to open soon next door to 412.

Said Jordan, “We talked about catering a long time ago. We’ve had tons of ideas starting years ago and then during the whole pandemic and shutdown, we started thinking of new ways and new business ideas. Then Thomas reached out to us and he’s been in catering forever so it just kind of helped us revisit an idea we had already talked about. It seemed like a perfect step for us, really.”

“We made some calls to a few places and Don, down here at the bank,” said Gannon. “The very talented couple that used to be here at Top of the Town, Mike and Judy, they were ready to retire so this was a perfect set of circumstances for us.”

Maddux is the former executive chef for St. Bernard.

“I was working in Montgomery managing a little over a $1 million account. I fed over 1,000 students a day from scratch. My heart had just been pulling me towards catering for some time,” said Maddux. “It’s always been my passion to create and really give a one-of-a-kind experience and really just make somebody’s special day come true. That’s what has always driven me, and this was just too much of an opportunity to turn down. It really is like an answered prayer.”

Seasoned will cater events of all kinds: Christmas parties, weddings, birthdays, corporate events and more.

Said Maddux, “We will do in-house catering as well. Pretty much anything you can think of, we can do it.”

The event space will be used for gatherings.

“We’ve started a few things for 412 to use the event space,” said Jordan. “It’s kind of like a supper club we have started. We have a few things we will be doing each month. We have a mixer we are doing the first Friday of each month and maybe brunch or special events at the bar. We are trying to figure it out.”

For more information or to book an event, visit www.seasonedcateringco.com or www.facebook.com/seasonedcateringco.

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