Resident responds to complaints about fence

Several motorists have complained to the Cullman County Commission that this fence obstructs the view of those attempting to turn onto County Road 1422 from County Road 1486. (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – At a recent Cullman County Commission meeting, a fence at the intersection of County Road 1486 and County Road 1422 was discussed as a possible liability due to the fence being a visual obstruction. The homeowner, Jeremy Cone, reached out to The Tribune to explain the need for the fence.

He said,” I have five small children. My oldest is 12 and my youngest is 3. There is a reason that fence is right there. It’s because people drive 90 to nothing on that road, and if one of my kids rides their bicycle and barely gets out on the road, it’d kill them. I did it to protect my kids.”

Cone added, “My main concern is people flying down this road. I could put up a chain link fence, but the same scenario, people are going to gripe and complain about everything I do. The reason I built the fence like I built it is so people could see. I have a bunch of friends and people who have told me they can see just fine.”

Cullman County Attorney Emily Johnston said of the situation, “The last thing we ever want to do is bring any kind of action out in the county. We are concerned from a liability issue that someone could really get hurt.”

The discussion was the result of complaints to the commission office. No action is being taken at this time as the Commission said it hopes to continue discussions and find a reasonable solution.

Cone said he is willing to continue searching for a solution but made it clear that the safety of his family is his top priority.

“I have five kids and they have friends over all the time,” he said. “All their parents are 100% behind us saying, ‘Hey, don’t take it down! Our kids are over there, too, and we know how that road is.’ I’ll holler at people all the time to slow down.”

Cone said he isn’t the kind of guy who refuses to listen, but he wants something done to slow the traffic.

“All my kids are good kids and they have common sense, but they are still kids,” he said. “When they are having fun with their friends they don’t think about a car hitting them. We are with them when they play in the front yard, but there is still that split second chance that something could happen.”

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