4-year-old philanthropist donates piggy bank contents to Cullman Caring for Kids

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CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman Caring for Kids (CCK) administrative assistant Tonja Grace shared Sunday afternoon:

“Something happened this week that has been weighing on my mind all weekend. Our shelves are empty at the food bank, it was in the local papers, etc. We are still operating as a drive-thru service only, a lady pulls up and has a donation. I thought OK, so I go get the guys to get it out of the trunk for her. A little blonde hair girl sat in the back seat with her puppy. So, I started to talk to her and gave her a bracelet and entertained her while her mom showed the guys what to get out of the trunk. 

“When the mom came to get back in the car, she said, ‘We read it in the paper where y’all needed help and we prayed with our little girl.’ After they prayed, the little girl goes to her room and comes out with a piggy bank and tells her parents to take her piggy bank money and feed the hungry…. Made me cry. 

“Folks, this kid is being raised right. Did I mention she was only four! If a child this young can see the need, there is no reason we as adults can’t open our eyes to the needs of others around us. I see it every day, and it’s a good thing I’m not a millionaire, I’d be feeding everyone. Thank you to those who took the time to come and donate this week. It’s very much appreciated. God bless you!”

While stocks of produce remain good at CCK, supplies of the most common staple items like canned vegetables, dry beans and rice, canned meats and ready-to-eat pasta dishes are severely low. Grace told The Tribune Sunday evening that some donations were dropped off Friday, following The Tribune’s report of the shortage last Thursday.

CCK Executive Director Javon Daniel told The Tribune, “It’s been a real struggle for our dry goods, canned goods. You know, there’s a lot of emphasis been put on produce and things for the different programs that are here, but our mainstay is canned good items and dry goods: dried beans, rice, cereal, green beans, any kind of canned vegetables (or) fruit, canned meat.”

If you are headed to the grocery store and want to grab a few extra items to help out, please look for:

  • Single-serving, canned, ready-to-eat/heat-and-eat pasta dishes
  • Canned vegetables: mixed vegetables, corn, green beans
  • Cereal, especially popular children’s cereals
  • Dry goods: noodles, rice, beans
  • Canned soup


Donations can be dropped off at CCK’s office in Cullman, 402 Arnold St. NE, Suite W-1. 

Monetary donations are also welcome, and can be made online through the CCK website. The staff will visit the Food Bank of North Alabama later this week, where CCK can purchase pallet loads of groceries for 14 cents per pound, making your money go a long way.

For more information, to donate online or to make arrangements to drop off items, visit www.cullmancaringforkids.com or call 256-739-1111.

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W.C. Mann