Files from Yesteryear: 1904, 1937, 1954


From the Files of 1904:

A lively group of Decaturites came to Vinemont on Saturday and spent the day hunting chestnuts.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Foust on October 29 was a daughter.

Clint Humphrey entertained a number of young people at a Halloween party on Monday evening.

Fire destroyed Reverend W.D. Thompson’s barn on October 28, with the loss of his entire lot of hay and other feed, a bale of cotton, a buggy and harness, a lot of chickens and 75 bushels of corn. The loss was $200 with no insurance.

R.D. St. John, brother of F.E. St. John and Mrs. J.J. Fowler, died at his Blount County home on October 29.

The Will and the Joe McClanahans, of Vinemont, have babies, both born last Thursday.

From the Files of 1937:


October 21 – Foster L. Bently, 22, to Genice Brown.

October 22 – G.L. Jackson, 30, to Lillian Umphrey, 26.

October 23 – Clyde Hyde, 30, to Lillie Dye, 28; J.L. Buckelew, 43, to Ada Braseale, 43; Cecil Thomas Bellew, 21, to Josephine Mable, 19; Voyd Taylor, 20, to Evelyn Blackwood, 21; B.L. Robertson, 26, to Lorene Champion, 30 and S.C. Camp, Junior, 20, to Juanita Gregg, 18.

October 26 – Ruby Edward Poure, 21, to Mozelle Strong, 18.

From the Files of 1954:

In the general election on Tuesday all the Democrats handily won over their Republican opponents.

Raymond Higdon for tax collector led the Democrat ticket and W. Frank Guthrie for sheriff led the Republican ticket in number of votes received. Grady Moss, running unopposed as coroner, was second on the Democratic side and Tom Abernethy for Governor was second on the Republican side.

The county count, when 45 out of a total of 46 boxes were in, was:

For United States Senator: John Sparkman, 5,924 and J. Foy Guin, Junior, 1,604.

For Governor: J.E. Folsom, 6,032 and Tom Abernethy, 1,824.

For United States Congress: Carl Elliott, 5,725 and W.G. Engle, 1,539.

For Circuit Solicitor: George C. Johnson, 5,859 (unopposed).

For State Senator: Harlon G. Allen, 5,800 (unopposed).

For State House of Representatives: Bryce C. Davis, 5,800 and Earl McClung, 1,660.

For County Solicitor: Robert A. Sapp, 5,877 (unopposed).

For member County Board of Education: Herman Tillery, 5,631 and Kerlista Trimble, 1,555.

For Sheriff: W.C. Waldrop, 5,698 and W.F. Guthrie, 2,135.

For Tax Collector: Raymond E. Higdon, 6,133 and S.K. Vann, 1,524.

For Tax Assessor: Graf Hart, 6,039 and H.O. Cordes, 1,599.

Cullman County polled more votes Tuesday than it did in the 1950 general election, when only 5,297 voters bothered to go to the polls. However, in 1952, 8,635 people voted in the general election.

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