Vinemont Middle School refinishes gym floor

Vinemont Middle School finished refurnishing its gym floor this week. (photo courtesy of Vinemont Middle School)

VINEMONT, Ala. – Vinemont Middle School just wrapped up a big project this week, repairing the gym’s floor. Principal Johnny Whaley explained the whole process and how long it took to get the project done.

“It all got started a couple of years ago with a fundraiser,” Whaley said. “Premier Bank partnered with us through the whole process and the plan quickly became a reality. The floor had not been done in 20 years, so it was overdue for a refurnishing and a new look. The process, from start to finish, took approximately two weeks. We had a professional floor company complete the project. They also redid our high school floor too. The students, parents and our community supported us through this whole thing.”

Despite the students not being able to come see the new floor due to the pandemic, Whaley posted a video of it on Facebook and the results were not surprising at all.

“There was a video of the rebuild on Facebook,” Whaley said. “The reactions to the video were very overwhelming. We had a floor plan on what it would like. We can’t wait for the students to come and look at the court. We’re very excited.”

There have been some challenges for local schools during these hard times, but Whaley talks about the biggest challenge that they’ve endured during the pandemic and how he hopes this project will affect the Vinemont community.

“The biggest challenge right now is missing our students,” Whaley said. ” We love them and care for them. This will help bring some excitement for our students, our student-athletes and the community. We’re really close. We have a saying here, “We are Vinemont.” 

Whaley has seen some tremendous support from the whole Vinemont community, and he’s been completely overwhelmed and happy to see the whole community get closer and closer each day.

“It’s brought us all close together and we’ve relied on each other and we’re getting closer reach day,” Whaley said. “The level of compassion and unity through these challenging times has been overwhelming. We have a really great community at Vinemont and we really love our school district.”

Whaley, along with the rest of the staff at Vinemont, has been extremely busy in making sure that the students will have everything that they need when school opens up in late August and he had a message for the VMS students.

“The teachers have been working very hard in making sure that the kids have everything that they need when they come back to school,” Whaley said. “We miss them, we love them, and we can’t wait for them to come back to school.” 

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