Jacobs to seek 2nd term as mayor of Cullman

Woody Jacobs (City of Cullman)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman Mayor Woody Jacobs on Friday announced that he will seek a second term in office. The Municipal Election will take place Aug. 25, 2020.

Jacobs said he felt there was no better time to announce his re-election bid than going into Memorial Day weekend, sharing, “We are very blessed that from the highest office in the land all the way down to the mayor’s race that we have the right to seek public office.  For most, it is nothing of our own doing or earning, but that of the brave men and women who fought, with some paying the ultimate price, so that a young boy from Berlin, Alabama could one day run for mayor.”

The Cullman County native said he is proud of the growth and development in Cullman the past three and half years and would like the opportunity to continue to play a leadership role in moving Cullman forward. Jacobs said he and the Cullman City Council have a strong working relationship based on communication and teamwork, and have expanded that partnership to work with the Cullman County Commission and other local municipalities, along with both the state and national legislative delegations.

From Jacobs’ official announcement:

During Mayor Jacob’s first term in office, Cullman’s unemployment rate has remained the lowest in its history (second in the state); Cullman has experienced the largest business and industrial capital investment ever since 2016, ($425 million; with $295 million just in the past two years alone); and the City has been able to pave more roads during these four years than at any other time.  Cullman has also seen an investment in each community park so that all children will have a safe and inclusive environment for outside activity.

With all the progress and economic success that Cullman has seen, unfortunately, it has also been stalled by the global pandemic of COVID-19.  This event has not caused panic from the Mayor’s office, as he, along with the Council, have been attempting to stay ahead of the virus by taking proactive measures and fighting for small businesses in the area through state government.

Jacobs acknowledged that while we may not be out of the woods just yet, we are in good hands, saying, “I truly think with these proactive measures along with our quality, local health care, and the drive of our citizens, that we have been able to weather the storm better than most counties in our state.”

He further pointed out that consumer confidence appears high based on sales tax numbers, but he also understands, like any former accountant, that the ripple effect from the COVID-19 outbreak could create significant challenges in the future.  Other than the health and safety of the citizens, his main focus at this moment is the men, women and families who have been hit hard financially by this virus.

“This is an odd period in which continuity and consistency are of the utmost importance in moving this community forward,” he said. “The only thing that we must be cautious of, in the current situation and with an election upcoming, is jumping abruptly into any ideas or changes, without the thought of the long-term effects.  Staying consistent and on task is the best way to get the ship back on course and to a pre-COVID economy.  It is in times such as these that we cannot afford to just go back to the starting line and restart the race- our lives do not work that way.  We must trust in the process and press on.”

While on the topic about the future of the local economy, Jacobs continued, “At the end of the day, my loyalty goes out to the working men and women; the families that go to work every day, come home tired, and still make sure to spend quality time with their children.  I have been there.  As mayor, I am and will continue to stand in your corner.”

Jacobs said Cullman has a lot to brag about.  He listed a great school system, award-winning park and recreation programs and facilities, expanding and diverse business and industry, a strong housing market, low unemployment and reputation as a safe community.

“To me, that means we are a place where people want to live, work and attend church,” he said.

Jacobs wrapped up his announcement for re-election by pointing out, “We are going to face some serious challenges and opportunities ahead of us from infrastructure, to growth and housing concerns, to needs within our school system. There is no one-blanket solution for all of this.  But, one thing is certain, we are all partners in this. We may have different opinions on how to address these challenges; however, our end goal is the same- to preserve for our children and their children what makes this community so special for generations to come.  Our success will depend on how well we can all come together in a constructive and collaborative manner to seek out these solutions.

“With that being said, I will not sacrifice the needs of the working class to push any agendas forward without voter approval.  I understand things are tough and folks may need a few breaks, but I more so understand that they also do not need any more government telling them what they’ll have to do next.  We need to continue to work as a unit in finding solutions to the opportunities that lie ahead.

“While I want to earn your vote, what I want more than anything is your continued prayers for this community. I am honored to serve you. God bless you all.”

Jacobs in married to the former Connie Voit, and the couple has a son, Tyler Jacobs (Jennifer) and a daughter, Hannah Jacobs.  He is a member of Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church and a 40-year member of the Cullman Lions Club.