Crisis Services of North Alabama offers hotline for texters

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – For people across north Alabama, including Cullman County, who are victims of rape, domestic violence or bullying, who are contemplating suicide, or who are just overwhelmed by life in this anxious time, resources are available from Huntsville-based Crisis Services of North Alabama (CSNA). The organization has the typical resources like 24/7 resource hotlines (256-716-1000 or 800-691-8426), crisis counseling and even on-staff forensic nurses to assist in cases of sexual assault or domestic violence.

In the smartphone era, though, many people are more comfortable typing than talking; in some cases, they are also safer by reaching out quietly. For these people, CSNA also offers a text-based hotline at 256-722-8219, available from 4-11:30 p.m. daily.

Text line coordinator Bryan Rowse told The Tribune, “In the event that a younger person needs to know about resources, we know about 211 through United Way- it’s in the same building as we are, we have information about sexual assault, we have information about domestic violence cases and stuff like that, if you need to learn about that. 

“A lot of people are reluctant to reach out about things like that, especially a younger person. So it’s good to have that medium where, if you’ve grown up in that time where texting is the way you talk to people, then it’s the best way that they feel like they can get help, so that’s always a good way to do that.”

The text line is not just for young people; according to Rowse, it has proven to be an effective tool for anyone who feels anxiety when talking on the phone, or who may suffer from hearing loss.  

The line’s counselors routinely deal with victims of general stress, panic attacks, bullying and feelings of isolation.

On its website, CSNA says of its phone and text crisis counseling services, “A crisis can occur in anyone’s life.  Little problems become big problems. Old and new hurts and losses take a toll. HELPline offers a trained worker and caring crisis counselor who can provide a listening ear and help you see options for change possibilities. A problem is always worse if you’re facing it alone. Call us … You are not alone.”

For more on CSNA, visit A call to 211 will put you in touch with a United Way statewide resource line that can also help locate a wide variety of local resources for needs from mental health to emergency food supplies.

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