Good Samaritan patients continue to access care amid COVID-19 pandemic


CULLMAN, Ala.We at Good Samaritan Health Clinic hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

For those we serve, the consequences are devastating. Many were already behind the curve and these uncertain times have caused them greater anxiety and distress. Many are dealing with job insecurity as a result of COVID-19 which further depletes their already limited resources.

Thankfully, our patients are still receiving their much-needed health care at Good Samaritan Clinic via telehealth and curb-side prescription pick-up. For just over two weeks now, our patients have been able to keep their appointments by speaking with our Nurse Practitioner on the phone during their scheduled appointment time. While this can’t replace a face-to-face visit, it allows for assessment and treatment while hopefully keeping them out of the emergency room.

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“The Good Samaritan Clinic recognizes the challenges that COVID-19 brings to the health care system and we are proud to successfully continue our commitment to the uninsured patients in our area. For the safety of our patients, we have implemented a telehealth system to manage our patients’ ongoing and arising health care needs. We have developed safe methods for delivering the much-needed medications our patients require. We will continue to make ourselves available to all those who have entrusted their care to us. We are honored to be part of this community and are proud to be a crucial piece of its health care system as it quickly evolves to meet our changing needs,” said Good Samaritan Medical Director Jeremy V. Stidham, M.D.

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