CGCA’s Xtreme Allstars sweep All-Star Prep Nationals

The Queens earned first place at this year's All-Star Prep Nationals after posting a score of 96.9293. (Photo courtesy of Abbie Wallace)

ATLANTA, Ga. – Cullman Gymnastics & Cheer Academy’s Xtreme Allstars were back on the road last weekend for the All-Star Prep Nationals at the Georgia International Convention Center and they came home with some more hardware. The Queens, Empresses and Mini Majesties all placed first in their respective divisions after each of them put together zero-deduction routines.

Xtreme All Stars Head Coach Ashley Wilbanks was very proud of her team for their scores and performances during the competition but was even happier to see one of her girls overcome adversity and to see her teammates rally around her.

“Well we didn’t know it at the time, but I think it was an incredible way to end the season. Our minis got first out of eight teams and they came back with a great performance. All of our teams hit zero which means they hit perfect routines, but I probably think the coolest thing that happened was with one girl on the team who really struggled with anxiety,” Wilbanks said. “This year she really struggled with major anxiety and the whole team surrounded her and prayed over her and she made it through the whole performance without having any issues. Even though they hit zero and had a fabulous performance, the team wasn’t even excited about that. They were just thrilled to death that she made it, overcame fear and anxiety and did an awesome performance. That was just super cool. Especially with everything that’s going on right now, it’s nice when fear doesn’t win.”

They couldn’t have known when they left for Atlanta last week, but the All-Star Prep Nationals was the final competition of the season for the Xtreme Allstars. Wilbanks reflected on the season and what she enjoyed most of all was a great group of athletes and parents who saw the big picture.

“What was amazing to watch from a coach’s perspective is I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the parents and the kids really get that even though cheer is the sport we’re doing, it’s not just about cheer,” Wilbanks said. “It’s a tool to help teach these kids how to become women that uplift and support one another. To watch that play out in that particular situation last weekend where they overcame fear and got to see what it looked like struggle with it was awesome.”

Queens – 1st place Jr. Prep Level 3.2 (96.9293)

Clancy Ayers

Amberly Bennett

Taylor Bullard

Maddie Doyle

Rachel Dueland

Addie Dyer

Reilly Eddleman

Ava Edens

Jada Flanigan

Aubrey Floyd

Ava Claire Floyd

Cabri Fuller

Camden Grobe

Anna Hill

Brittlee Hopper

Anna Kate Jean

Reily Kate Johnson

Allie Krigbaum

Sloan Nobinger

Emery Peed

Gabby Ritcher

Sadie Robinson

Savannah Stone

Blaire Troutman

Adyson Wallace

Wakely Bush

Emma Jacobson

(photo courtesy of Abbie Wallace)

Empresses – 1st place Youth Prep Level 2.2 (96.6465)

Anna Kate Armstrong

Bentlie Bullard

Wakley Bush

Sophia Calligaris

Kellie Dunne

Ella Flanigan

Brooklyn Grant

Emma Griggs

Kinslee Harbison

Rylee Higginbotham

Brookelynn Hill

Kierstyn Huffstutler

Emma Jacobson

Elizabeth Johnston

Adalynn Joiner

Anna-Presley Kruger

Josie Miller

Sloan Nobinger

Melody Powell

Kamryn Sanderson

Khloe Sheppard

Madi Simms

Addison Sparks

Emma-Karagan Tokar

Jayden Wynn

(photo courtesy of Abbie Wallace)

Mini Majesties – 1st place Mini Prep Level 1.1 (95.9192)

Abagail Anderson

Jordyn Black

Eva Eslava

Ella Flanigan

Maleah Etheredge

Sumerlyn Grant

Katy Claire Harbison

Avery Higginbotham

Katherine Ugarkovich

Edie Hudson

Ellie Ingle

Addison Jones

Brinley Jones

Sterling Kruger

Charlee Miller

Beckitt Nunnelley

Ily Wilbanks

Makenna Wilkinson

Olivia Williams

Xtreme Allstars coaches

Ashley Wilbanks (head coach)

Amy Wallace

Abbie Wallace

Jack Griffin

Adyson Wallace

Mollie Hall

Kennedy Kruger

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