Letter to the Editor: Vote YES March 3, 2020 and Keep Cullman Great!


March 3, 2020 the citizens of Cullman County have an incredible opportunity to set the course for their future.  Voting to support the proposed 1-cent sales tax has the potential to provide approximately $10 million of additional funding for Cullman County and Cullman City Schools.  Said funding will be distributed by student enrollment.  This funding will assist in providing for continued academic success and improved, safer facilities for growing student populations.  One of the specific projects this new funding includes is a concentrated investment in career and technical education training.  A vote to approve this tax offers our new and upcoming workforce a new state-of-the-art career technical academy.  The programs provided through this academy provide quick entry into a new job in growing industry sectors such as manufacturing, health care and technology.  It will also assist and sustain existing employer needs and provide for the growing workforce demands of the future.

I have lived and served in workforce, economic and community development roles throughout Alabama and know first-hand how important it is to have a good infrastructure for economic development. Now, more than ever, a greater emphasis is being placed on how much is being invested in workforce training. If the entire community wants to continue to enjoy the benefits of our recent economic growth, we must invest today to reap the benefits for tomorrow. Please support this investment opportunity to ensure residents and businesses throughout Cullman County continue to grow and prosper. Join me in supporting the future of Cullman County. Vote YES March 3, 2020 and Keep Cullman Great!

Austin T. Monk, MPA