Fairview ‘Recycled Teenagers’ trounce competition in bean bag baseball championship

The Fairview Recycled Teenagers Team 1 took home the Comfort Care Bean Bag Baseball Championship plaque Tuesday morning at the Fairview Senior Center. Seated are Lora Ray, Sandy McKelvey, Larry Hodges and Velvaleen Buckelew. Standing are LaQuita Chambers and Sassy Widner. Kneeling is umpire Nickie Bailey. (Courtesy of Kelly Wheeler)

FAIRVIEW, Ala. – The Fairview Recycled Teenagers came out on top and took home the Comfort Care Bean Bag Baseball Championship over their cross-county rivals, the Good Hope Sizzlin’ Seniors. The epic showdown took place Tuesday morning with Fairview having the home-field advantage.  

The eight-team bracket consisted of four teams from Fairview and Good Hope’s senior centers. The opening rounds were close contests, but it was Fairview Teams 1,2 and 4, along with Good Hope’s Team 3, that would advance to the semifinal rounds. 

The umpires had to watch closely as both teams flirted with the line while “batting.” One toe on or over the line could result in a devastating out. The players started out with lots of chatter and taunting, but the pressure of what was at stake seemed to hush the teams as they fought their way to the championship game. 

In the first semifinal matchup, Fairview Teams 2 and 4 faced off in a high-scoring affair. Despite two grand slams by Team 4, it was Team 2 that rallied in the bottom of the fifth to win 18-15 and advance to the Big Dance. 

Over on the other side of the room, Good Hope Team 3 fought hard to prevent an all-Fairview finale. Perhaps, seeing that lunch was ready and the losers would be first in line messed with their psyches, but the Sizzlin’ Seniors’ hot streak abruptly ended and Fairview’s Team 1 that took down Good Hope to advance to an all Aggie championship. 

While the Good Hope Sizzlin’ Seniors retreated to the lunch line, Fairview’s Teams 1 and 2 faced off in a close game. Fairview 2’s Eugene Hadley turned in an MVP-worthy performance scoring three homers in the final game for a total of five on the day. That was still not enough for Fairview 1, which seemed to catch fire in the end. The team not only had a lead-off batter named Sassy, the whole team had the winning can-do spirit from start to finish. They won 8-4. 

Hadley did take home the plaque from Comfort Care as the Home Run King for his five superb home runs. Fairview Recycled Teenagers Team 1 was presented with the Comfort Care Bean Bag Baseball Championship plaque. 

Based on postgame chatter, this is likely just the beginning of what is sure to become one of the greatest rivalries in Cullman County! 

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Christy Perry