Campaign says ‘Vote Yes’ 1-cent tax signs vandalized

Photo showing vandalized sign (Courtesy of Ascend Agency Public Relations and Branding)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Ascend Agency Public Relations and Branding said Saturday afternoon in an email that some of its #KeepCullmanGreat signs in Cullman County were vandalized and some destroyed Friday night. The campaign is funded by the Cullman County-based political action committee (PAC) Advocates for Excellence in Education and is aimed at urging voters to vote yes March 3 for the 1-cent tax for education.

Ascend told The Tribune Saturday, “Most signs reported vandalized were in the West Point area – Drew Jenkins, a West Point resident, is the one who submitted the photo.”

The statement emailed Saturday afternoon is below:

Last night, some of the signs that our hardworking volunteers had put out supporting the children in Cullman City and County Schools were defaced – and destroyed.

We’re trying to do something great for Cullman and our public schools to prepare people for jobs and expand economic development in our area. We ask that you respect other people’s opinions, their property and the work they’re doing but do not tear down other people’s work and passion for their community.

We feel good about our efforts and we will continue to be honest and transparent with what we’re putting forward to the voters. We ask that all supporters of education continue to take the high road with us into election day.

As advocates for our children and proud Cullman County residents, our job is to bring everyone together and support the children of Cullman City and County, and we plan on continuing to do that.

Be sure to vote on March 3rd!

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Wendy Sack