Baileyton to rename old town hall to honor Walker Brothers; council talks broadband

Baileyton Mayor Johnny Dyar, left, and Councilman Gene Sumner, right, are seen at Monday night’s Baileyton Town Council meeting. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

BAILEYTON, Ala.- Once the Town of Baileyton officially opens and moves into its new town hall, the current town hall will be renamed. Suggested by Councilman Gene Sumner and approved by the council at Monday night’s meeting, the current building will be renamed The Walker Brothers-Baileyton Center.

“This won’t be a township hall anymore,” said Sumner. “As much as the Walker Brothers have done for the Town of Baileyton, and I understand they built this, I wanted to name the building the Walkers Brothers Center.”

Dr. Josiah Daily of Baileyton Family Medicine has offered to rent the office space upstairs inside the current town hall while allowing the Town to rent the conference room and kitchen area when needed.

“He already rents the downstairs and wants to use the office space and bathrooms and he will pay the utilities,” said Mayor Johnny Dyar. “If anyone wants to rent this room they still can.”

The council agreed to rent the space to Daily.

Security cameras have been installed throughout the town to help monitor town properties including the town hall, medical center, senior center, storm shelters, maintenance building, park, parking lot, playgrounds and bathrooms.

Dyar joked, “That’s going to be a big lifesaver on toilet paper and toilets, too!”

Signs indicating the camera locations are posted with more signs ordered.

The council also approved adding wi-fi to the town park as suggested by the security service. The mayor and council members have the capability with the new system to monitor the cameras from their cellphones.

Residents of Baileyton who attended Monday’s meeting inquired about the possibility of broadband service in the community.

Town Clerk Pat Gilbert explained, “As of right now, Jay Fuller, the owner of Cyber Broadband, who has service in areas of the town but not all over, he was awarded a grant to expand his internet service around Smith Lake. Another grant opportunity came open and (he) worked over the weekend and added 15-20 letters that was sent in with the grant application. It is a bigger grant, and if awarded, he would be able to expand from the other side of Chesley Oaks clear to Joppa and up to the county line at least and over and down to Holly Pond.”

Gilbert also said a representative from Spectrum has been in the area surveying and gathering data to determine the possibility of future broadband service. AT&T told Gilbert they had no plans of extending its service area.

On the agenda for the February meeting, the council will consider an ordinance setting the pay for the next mayor and council members. The proposed change to existing salaries would be raising the next mayor’s pay from $8,700 to $10,200.

Dates for baseball sign-ups have not been set, but the cost of registration will be the same as last year. Look for announcements for registration dates at Baileyton Town Hall.

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Christy Perry