‘I’m just very proud of these kids’

Hanceville High Leo Club hosts successful blood drive

The Hanceville High School Leo Club hosted a blood drive Thursday at the school, and 95% of the donations were from students. (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)

HANCEVILLE, Ala. – The Hanceville High School Leo Club hosted a blood drive at the school Thursday, seeing a huge response.

At midday, Leo Club sponsor Tina Weldon was excited about the turnout.

“The blood drive is amazing,” she said. “We had over 50 sign-ins; we except over 65 people by the end of the drive. Ninety-five percent of our donors have been students, and we still have students coming in to sign up that weren’t even scheduled!”

According to Weldon, one unit of blood has the potential to save three lives.

“Alabama is in a huge blood shortage right now, so I’ve just been reiterating that to the students over and over,” she said. “They loved the free T-shirt idea, they loved the sponsorship points from their teachers, but they’re also interested in that whole ‘I’m making a difference in my community!’”

Weldon said the blood donated Thursday has the potential to save up to 180 lives.

“I’m just very proud of these kids, all of them, not just my Leo Club,” she said. “I have about 35 Leo Club members, and they’re down here helping me man the station, they’ve been helping pass out snacks, but then just all of the Hanceville High School students in general, they’re just so ready to jump up and help when the need arises. I’ve taught in several schools before and I’ve never seen this kind of student participation before!”

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