CrossFit Cullman’s 3rd annual 4th of July Throwdown coming up this Saturday

CrossFit Cullman’s 3rd annual 4th of July Throwdown will start this Saturday, July 6th at 9 a.m. (courtesy of Colton Terry)

CULLMAN, Ala. – The Fourth of July is on the horizon but after your holiday plans are complete, you’ll have a chance to drop in on this year’s 4th of July Throwdown CrossFit Competition. This is the third year that Crossfit Cullman is hosting the event and they’re expecting around 100 athletes to be in the field Saturday. Owner of CrossFit Cullman, Colton Terry, talked about the different divisions they’ll have set up for this year’s competition. 

“What we’re having here is our CrossFit competition and we’ll have teams of two. So, we’ll have teams of the same sex, male and male and female and female. There are two different divisions, an RX or prescribed division and then there’s a scale division as well so the weights will be a little different per division and then this year, we added a master’s division,” Terry said. “We’ve had a good response to having a master’s division, people have been asking for that the last few years.” 

Terry continued, breaking down the different workouts that competitors will be doing and some of the prizes that will be up for grabs.  

“There will be five different workouts, two on the main floor side and two on the other side and then we have one that’s called a floater workout. That’s something they’ll do kind of on their own time in between the other four events. We’ll have a scoring system kind of based on the weight that they use on our strength event or how many reps they could get on another workout or how fast they do it,” Terry said. “So, at the end we’ll crown our champion for all of that and we’ll have three different winners; a third place, second and a first and in the RX division they’ll win cash so we’ll hand out money for those people and in the scale division we have a lot of different prizes.” 

As the event has grown over the years, more local vendors have gotten on board, but it’s also been able to attract athletes from all over the state and southeast to come and compete.  

“We’ve had a lot of different vendors and sponsors from our area that have given some money and stuff like that. We’ve got a lot of athletes coming from all around north Alabama and down to south Alabama. We’ve had people from Tennessee and Georgia come in and all around so it’s going to be a fun show again this year,” Terry said. “We’re probably going to hit about 50 teams so there will be around 100 total athletes and it’ll last a long time. Most of it is going to go from about 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and they’ll have a 30-40-minute break between each event, so they’ll have some down time.” 

Between the vendors, food, athletes and more on the docket for Saturday’s competition, Terry is looking forward to seeing the turnout continue to grow for this year’s event.  

“We’ll have some vendors set up. Alpha Nutrition will be here, Barbell VooDoo, Blackout Barbell and others will be set up with supplements and apparel for people to kind of shop in between and then also Therapy South is going to be set up. They’re going to have some stretching and pre and post workout stuff going on over there. All in all, we’re looking forward to having a pretty cool event,” Terry smiled. “This is our third year and it’s gotten bigger every year. It’s going to be a good time. We have some actual CrossFit regional athletes, people who have competed at a high level, that come to this competition and its family friendly so anyone who wants to watch is free to come watch. We’re going to be selling some Chick-fil-A and pizza for lunch with drinks as well so it’s just going be an all-around, post fourth of July, fun event for everybody to come check out so we’re excited about it.” 

The competition will get underway Saturday, July 6th at 9 a.m. and run till around 3 p.m. The event will be held at the newly renovated AllStar Sports Training Facility located at 1634 Childhaven Rd. NE.