Come shop with me: The Pink Boot Boutique 

Shayla Waldner in her mobile business The Pink Boot Boutique (contributed)

CULLMAN, Ala. – Local mother and now boutique owner Shayla Waldner said she wanted to change her resume from “stay at home mom” in 2023 to entrepreneur. She started The Pink Boot Boutique at the end of October that year.

“My husband was a travel welder for eight years and I was with him for the last three years,” Waldner said. “We had our daughter in Houston, Texas, (got) engaged in Florida and then married in Alabama. We pulled off the road about a year and a half ago to start my husband’s own private contracting business in welding and begin the process of building our house. He has inspired me to chase my dreams. I knew if he was from South Dakota and could start a business in Alabama – a strange state to him – (and) it be as successful as it is, I could do the same.”

Waldner said although being a mother and wife is very fulfilling, she felt like she was missing her calling.

“I wanted more to my name than just ‘stay at home mom,’” Waldner said. “While I love doing that, I wanted my daughter to see there are no limits to achieving what you want. I was voted best dressed my senior year and that’s something I’ve always loved to do – curate an outfit together. I received numerous compliments all the time, so one day my husband came home and said, ‘Let’s go get a trailer.’  Well, we bought my 16-foot enclosed trailer and I remodeled the entire outside with my husband. We found pieces from antique stores and Marketplace and revamped it to fit my personality.”

Some of Waldner’s favorite things to do since opening her boutique are different events and shows. 

“I have been doing shows, events and pop-ups for almost six months, and now with the first one being in Cullman city and almost sold out of our clothes,” Waldner said. “One thing that is funny to me – many ask me if it’s me pulling the trailer; I get asked that a lot. My husband stays busy, so he taught me how to hook it up, haul it, back it up and unhook it, in the event he can’t make it there. I am able to be independent with it.”

In this process, Waldner said, she wants to sell style she truly loves and believes in. 

“What I sell in my mobile boutique is something I would wear myself every day,” she said. “I go to Atlanta Market and purchase my inventory as I search through all 12 levels and hand pick what suits my personality in a store – things I love or that I would personally wear. I will be headed to Las Vegas Market in August to expand my inventory into plus sizes and more brands. I do not follow the crowd of other stores or try to fit in. My whole goal in doing this all was to stand out, be different and sell things others didn’t to simply just be me.” 

From each event she has done, she said, one of her favorite things is seeing the joy her clients get with their purchases.

“I love seeing people’s faces light up when they walk in my trailer and hearing other moms share what they were able to accomplish while being a full-time mom, wife and now, business owner,” Waldner said. “I get I’m a mom, full time and did this with a toddler on my hip. My second favorite is the ladies I have met in this business – true genuine women supporting one another.”

A moment that sticks out to Waldner is from a Fort Payne event.

“I remember hearing this little girl scream, ‘Mommy, there is Barbie,’ and several girls came in and wanted their picture made in front of the disco fireplace that is my checkout area,” Waldner said. “Talk about tears of joy flowing. It was such a sweet moment. Another happy feeling is when I upload a collection to the website and it sells out. I love it all. This is a hobby for me; it is something that gives me an identity outside of being a stay at home mom. It’s not something I have to do, but it is something that has brought pure happiness and helped gain my identity back outside of being a mom and wife.”

A fun thing Waldner has been working on behind the scenes is helping guide her to hosting a Christmas Market. 

“Around Christmastime, I love to support small businesses – go to festivals and markets to get into the Christmas spirit,” Waldner said. “This is something that I wanted to do when I first started but didn’t know the legality of hosting a big event like that. I met a lady at an event who travels and hosts events, we got to talking business and the rest is history.  I have a meeting next week with further details to come. We are calling it ‘Small Business Christmas.’ It is an event that will be happening yearly and hopefully grow every year. I will be releasing details in the next several weeks, open up vendor spots, food trucks slots and release all the other details. Stay tuned.” 

For more information, visit The Pink Boot on Facebook.

The Pink Boot Boutique will also be at the Alabama Strawberry Festival in Cullman May 4.

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