Files from Yesteryear: 1972, 1928


From The Files Of 1972

Hinkle Reunion

Attending the annual Hinkle family reunion, at Rickwood Caverns, on Sunday were: Coleman and Edna Sanford, Jack R. And Bertie Lou Markham and Roy Lee, Norma Markham and Jim Raino, Linda and Jeremy Hodge, from Dallas, Texas; Ardill and Ruth Hinkle, of Cocoa Beach, Florida; Doctor and Mrs. Robert Green, Lynn and Laurie, of Fort Lewis, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Bridges, Mark and Ina, of McMinnville, Tennessee; James and Lola Hinkle, Delta and Afred Taylor, Kenneth Taylor and Jennie Wimberly, of Decatur; Johnny and Carolyn Hinkle, Thor, Holly and Noel and Robert Jenson, of Huntsville; Jeanette and Books Hinkle, of Clanton; James, Ruth, Joyce and Janice Howard, Kaye and Gail Tunnell, of Tuscaloosa; Florence Rhea, of Bessemer; Bruce and Shirley Hinkle, of Auburn; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hinkle and Jeff, of Mount Olive; Ricky and Karen Hinkle, of Gardendale; Juanita and Orville Hinkle, Tootsie and Ralph Shaw, Pearl Hinkle, Mr. and Mrs. Quimby Hinkle, Harold Mann, Hassie Spain, Clement L. Spain, Randy and Tammy Clearsill Gillespie, Ed and Ealy Hinkle and Glenn, Dwight Hinkle and Kem, Gary and Patsy Hinkle and Stephanie, of Birmingham; Lee Donahoo, of Westwood; Sharon and Ronny Kemp, Sharee and Rhonda, of Adamsville; Mr. and Mrs. Milton Sinyard, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Nuss and Aaron, Wynelle Day and Myra, of Walter; Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Metcalf, of Hanceville; Ruby Hinkle, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sanford, Mrs. Anna Hinkle, Gene and Sherry Kilgo, Homer and Mahle Calvert Cornell and Inez McMinn, Mr. and Mrs. Donald McMinn, Vickie and Tara and Dixie Kreps, Joe and Vivian Tubbs, Becky and Rhonda, Ruby Tubbs, Donnie, Sherra and Dan Smith, Lorene Barnette, Judy and Chris and Tina, Mr. and Mrs. Olen Freeman, Richard and Evelyn Dahlke and Jeanne, Marilyn and Ramon Quick and Cindy, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hinkle, Gail and Junior and Mr. and Mrs. F.S. KIlgo, of Cullman.

Miss Jecaliah Rodgers and Mr. Butch Sharpton were united in marriage, on Friday night, at Bellview Heights Baptist Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bayemore, of Texas, spent the first of last week with Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Banks and girls.

Mrs. Bular Brown was the Friday visitor of Mrs. H.D. White.

From The Files Of 1928

Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. George Stahmer and daughter, Jewell and Mr. and Mrs. Luther Tucker motored to Florence, on Sunday.

Miss Sarah Lillian Richter has returned from a visit to Birmingham and Chattanooga.

W.L. Ward and sons, Roy and Clyde spent Wednesday, Decatur, fishing.

Mrs. Bess Morrow has returned from New Orleans, where she attended the B. and P.W. national convention.

Miss Clara Weibke is spending her vacation, in New York.

Miss Mary Kelly is vacationing in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Cullman County shipped its first carload of hogs for 1928, this week.


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