Roll into some fun with the Cullman Senior Bowling League


Siblings Marcia Tillman, “High Pockets” Drummond and Janet Jean enjoy a laugh Thursday at the Cullman Bowling Center. (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN, Ala. – With just a few weeks left in its winter bowling season, the Cullman Senior Bowling League welcomes anyone older than 50 to register for the upcoming season beginning in early May. Seniors of all skill levels are welcome to join in on the Thursday afternoon fun at the Cullman Bowling Center.

Babe Koorndyk, 94, recently moved to Double Springs from southern California. Babe is still scoring strikes and making tons of new friends.

Koorndyk has been bowling all her life and said, “I was with my bowling group in California, but I’m having a great time with my new league. Everybody in Alabama is friendly.”

Neil Campbell has been an important part of the league and served as its president for many years. Having just lost his wife Clara less than a week ago, Campbell said he was at the bowling center to be with those he and Clara spent much of their lives with.

Said Campbell, “Clara was a star bowler-a great bowler. She won some events on the national level.”

The Campbells and bowling friends Harold and Bertha Jones began bowling in Cullman 22 years ago. They bowled together at Pine Bowl in Fultondale for many years, but chose to join Cullman when Pine Bowl was closed. Campbell appeared to enjoy being with his bowling family although he was just there to watch.

He shared, “I stopped bowling two years ago when Clara could no longer bowl. Now that she has passed, I might give it a try again.”

The Joneses we’re joined by their daughter, Sharon Camp.

While many participate in the team bowling, several just come for the laughs and fellowship. “High Pockets” Drummond was cracking jokes and having a great time as his sisters, Marcia Tillman and Janet Jean, competed with their friends. They take the bowling seriously, but say having a great time is the priority. 

Senior League President Zelda Turner hopes more people will join in on the league, saying, “We have such a good time. We are competitive, but we welcome everyone. Some average in the 90s while others are in the 200s, and that’s fine. We have three-person teams with all combos and we make the teams fair.”

Turner said some have been bowling for years, some haven’t bowled in years, adding “It’s great exercise and it’s important for us to stay active. It’s great physically, mentally and socially.”

The Cullman Senior Bowling League is a sanctioned league. The league is Thursday afternoons at 1 p.m. at the Cullman Bowling Center. For more information, email Turner at or contact the Cullman Bowling Center at 256-734-2600 or

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