CCBOE swears in new members, bids farewell to Speegle, Carter


Cullman County Schools Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette (right) with school board members (L-R) Jason Speegle (departing), Mike Graves (stepping down as president) and Chris Carter (departing) (W.C. Mann for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN – On Tuesday evening, the Cullman County Board of Education (CCBOE) welcomed new members Kerry Neighbors and Shane Rusk.  Cullman County Circuit Judge Gregory Nicholas administered the men’s oaths as family members held their Bibles and looked on. Neighbors fills board seat 2, Fairview.  Rusk fills board seat 7, Good Hope.

Before swearing in the new board members, CCBOE Superintendent Dr. Shane Barnette presented tokens of appreciation to Jason Speegle and Chris Carter, both of whom are leaving the board after eight years of service.

Barnette said, “They’ve served on our school board for eight years, and you know we’ve come through a lot in these eight years, and I just appreciate everything they’ve done for our school system.  And I know, from the bottom of my heart, that we would not be near as good as we are right now if it wasn’t for you two gentlemen, and we appreciate y’all very much.”

Barnette also presented a plaque to Mike Graves for his service as board president for the last year.  Graves stepped down as president but retains his seat on the board. Holly Pond representative Heath Allbright has taken over as president.

Board business

The board approved two teachers to participate in a state-funded Principal Candidate Semester Residency Program.  They will continue to draw their regular salaries and benefits, while the state pays for temporary replacement teachers.

  • Trett Hardman of the Child Development Center will be at Good Hope Primary
  • Kurt Knight of Fairview High School will be at Parkside School

The board approved two construction contracts with A&S Electrical Contractors, Inc. for renovation of the Cold Springs cafeteria:

  • Electrical upgrades – $52,375
  • HVAC upgrade – $134,971

An existing contract with PG Wells Enterprises for electrical upgrades and renovation at Good Hope High School was amended to add $43,320.42 to the contract bid amount.

The board also voted to pursue a special election during the coming year to renew the current District One school tax.

Personnel considerations

  • Emily Blankenship was named as the Cullman County Schools wellness coordinator and the Cullman County Schools Child Nutrition Program purchasing agent.


  • Tracey Anderson DeCicco, Child Development Center behavior support assistant
  • Taylor Kay Hawkins, Child Development Center behavior support assistant
  • Salena Gail Weems, Cold Springs Elementary behavior support assistant
  • Cliff Bailey, Fairview High jr. varsity boys basketball coach 2018-2019
  • David Wayne Martin, Fairview High ninth-grade boys basketball coach 2018-2019
  • Trasundra Aileen Marks, Good Hope Elementary secretary/bookkeeper

Leaves of absence

  • Ashley M Johnston, Good Hope Elementary teacher, 1/3/2019 to 2/15/2019
  • Briana Lucia Schuman, Good Hope Primary teacher, 11/26/2018 to 3/5/2019


  • Kristy Lynn Harbison, from Good Hope High special education teacher to Child Development Center special education teacher to replace Trett Hardman (Principal Candidate Semester Residency)
  • Jefferson Clark Daniel, from Child Development Center behavior support assistant to Fairview High Temporary social science teacher to replace Kurt Knight (Principal Candidate Semester Residency)
  • Allison Marie Sims, from Good Hope High custodian to Good Hope High CNP worker to replace Hannah Buchanan
  • Melissa Kimbril Coleman, from Good Hope Primary behavior support assistant to Good Hope Primary part-time behavior support assistant/part-time special ed teacher
  • Linsey Jo Hudson, from Hanceville Elementary first-grade teacher to Vinemont Elementary fifth-grade teacher to replace Lori Suzanne Clayton
  • Brandy Leigh Jett, from Vinemont High full-time social science teacher to Vinemont High half-day social science teacher


  • Tiffany Howard Monk, Central Office Middle School social worker, new position
  • Sabrina Elizabeth Tidwell, Cold Springs Elementary behavior support assistant, to replace Salena Weems
  • Emily Hope Vaughn, Fairview Elementary temporary elementary teacher, to replace Savanna Freeman
  • Carter Callan Robertson, Fairview High/Middle/Elementary temporary part-time student worker as needed on co-op program
  • Cristin Adriana Smith, Good Hope Elementary temporary elementary teacher, for state extension of leave for Ashley Johnston
  • Kimberly Marie Greatorex, Good Hope High custodian, to replace Allison Sims
  • Tara Manning Kress, Good Hope Primary temporary elementary teacher (K2), to replace Briana Schuman (leave)
  • Dana Lynn Anders, Hanceville Elementary teacher, to replace Linsey Hudson
  • Christopher Michael Haney, Jr., maintenance department maintenance Technician – Painter to replace Steve Means
  • Jerrod Patrick Hayles, Maintenance Department Maintenance technician, to replace Brannon Crook

Non-faculty coaches

  • Jason M White, Cold Springs High Football, Softball (volunteer)
  • Tyler William Ball, Fairview High Baseball (volunteer)
  • Cody Garrett Edge, Fairview High Baseball (volunteer)
  • Beatrice J Garrison, Fairview High Softball
  • Robert Geoff McGukin, Fairview High Football/Volleyball/Softball/Girls Basketball (volunteer)
  • Logan Murphree, Fairview High Baseball (volunteer)
  • Chase Tidmore, Fairview High Baseball (volunteer)
  • Phillip Edward Keef, Good Hope High Softball (volunteer)
  • Blake Benjamin Malin, Good Hope Middle Football
  • Brocton Malcom, Hanceville Middle Football (volunteer)
  • Tovoris Patton, Hanceville Middle Football (volunteer)
  • Daniel Whitfield, Hanceville Middle Football (volunteer)
  • Walter Anderson (Andy) Brazelton, Holly Pond High and Middle Baseball (volunteer)
  • Michael E Graves, Vinemont High Baseball (volunteer)
  • David Miller, Vinemont High Baseball (volunteer)
  • Hannah Renae Crider, West Point High Band Assistant
  • Brandon Carl Farley, West Point High Football, Basketball (volunteer)


  • Christopher Lee Alexander, bus driver
  • Terry Allan Bates, bus driver
  • Larry Patrick Brock, bus driver
  • Bobby Freeman, bus driver
  • Benny D Livingston, bus driver
  • Mary A McKinnon, bus driver
  • Cody O'Neal Rice, bus driver
  • Phillip Stephen Robinson, Jr., bus driver
  • Walter W Seay, bus driver
  • Warren Joe Strickland, bus driver
  • Erin Ashley Frederick, Child Nutrition
  • Whitney Leann Kelsoe, Child Nutrition
  • Amanda Dawn Turner CNP/ccustodian
  • Amanda Tucker Branum, teacher
  • Christy Guin Sherrill Brock, teacher
  • Lillie Marae Burdette, teacher
  • Daniel Robert Clark, teacher
  • Frank Roland Edwards, teacher
  • Kandy Leanne Goodno, teacher
  • Story Ellen Louise Hogeland, teacher
  • Kate Elizabeth Kent, teacher
  • Patrick L Klein, teacher
  • Joella Carol Link, teacher
  • Heidi Janella Mueller, teacher
  • Andrea Williams Regas, teacher
  • Susan Renee Ryan, teacher
  • Brandy Atkins Shadix, teacher
  • Elisha Wray Terry, teacher

Contract/salary changes

  • Kevin Scott Sullins, upgrade to education specialist
  • Kristy L. Harbison, upgrade to education specialist
  • Tim Fulmer, add jr. varsity boys basketball coach, Fairview High (non-faculty)
  • Rachel Finley, add sr. high girls basketball assistant coach, Holly Pond High
  • Ty Wilson, sr. high football assistant 2, Holly Pond High (non-faculty) (correction to supplement amount)
  • Mark Cornelius, sr. high football assistant 2, Holly Pond High (correction to supplement amount)
  • Russell Walker, sr. high football assistant 2, Holly Pond High (correction to supplement amount)
  • Stephen Robinson, add archery (middle school), Vinemont Middle
  • Hannah Crider, add band assistant, West Point High

Other personnel expenditures/changes

  • Trasundra Marks hired part-time as needed to assist with the training of the new secretary/bookkeeper at Good Hope Elementary in January and February 2019
  • Cold Springs High School to pay Jesse James, Hanceville High School band director, $75 for judging the band chair auditions at Cold Springs High School
  • Cold Springs High School to pay Eric Dickerson $1,000 for serving as the 2018-2019 athletic director
  • Fairview High School to pay Justin Billings (non-faculty) $2,200 for waxing the gym floor, locker room construction and after-game clean up
  • Holly Pond High School to pay Mike Bates $1,500 for field maintenance
  • Kathy Day to be paid $15 per game as the bookkeeper at the Varsity Basketball County Tournament January 19-26, 2019

The CCBOE will meet next on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019, at 6 p.m. in the central office boardroom, with work session at 5:30.  The public is invited to attend.

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