We woof you a meowy Christmas!


Left to right: Publix Manager Brad Boshell, Sgt. Chris Westmoreland and Cullman County Animal Shelter volunteer Donna Ruttkay (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN – The dogs and cats at the Cullman County Animal Shelter received an early Christmas gift Monday thanks to Publix and an anonymous donor, who gave the shelter six cases of the staff’s and volunteers’ preferred treats for the animals. Six more cases will be delivered to the shelter later.

The donor, who did not want to be identified, said she approached Publix to see if the store would be interested in donating a case of treats. The store did more than that. It matched her donation.

The donor said, “I just knew I wanted to do something to help our local shelter. I found out that the staff and volunteers often used their own money to buy the treats they use when working with the dogs. I saved as much as I could to buy some. I went to see if (Publix Manager) Brad (Boshell) might want to help; he said yes before I could even finish telling him what I wanted to do.”

Boshell smiled, “I love animals! My wife and I adopted a cat here 29 years ago named Max. We called him Maxie Poo Poo. He was a bit of a ladies’ man. We were living in an apartment that was supposed to be no pets. Well, Max loved sitting in the window. Our landlord told us that either the cat goes, or we do. So, we moved!”

Max was with the Boshells for 13 years.

Boshell added, “Publix is proud to be a part of the Cullman community. When I was approached about the shelter, we were happy to help.”

The shelter and the animals can use the community’s help this Christmas. They are in need of bleach, powdered laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, paper towels, Clorox wipes, hand soap and sanitizer, flea medication, quality shampoo, coconut oil, vinegar, toys (cats and dogs), collars, 6-foot rope leashes and tennis balls. Gift cards are also helpful as needs arise. (Please no Hartz or Sergeants due to frequent recalls.)

Sgt. Chris Westmoreland also told The Tribune that gift certificates are available for Christmas and people can donate by sponsoring an adoption fee. 

The Cullman Tribune is hosting its second annual donation drive now for the Cullman County Animal Shelter, as well as the Cullman Area Animal Welfare Association (CAAWA). Donations can be dropped off at our office at 219 Second Ave. SE in Cullman.

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