Holly Pond makes final decision on rumble strips


The Holly Pond Town Council on Monday night voted to leave rumble strips in place on Brooklyn Road. (Maggie Darnell for The Cullman Tribune)

HOLLY POND – After months of discussion and modifications, the Holly Pond Town Council on Monday night made a final decision on what to do about rumble strips on Brooklyn Road, voting to keep them in place. The strips, placed on the roadway to help prevent speeding, have been a community concern since July, when nearby residents began complaining about the noise.

In August, the council voted to remove the strips altogether, but did not do so immediately because a replacement solution was needed. Since then, the strips have been modified, with residents reportedly satisfied with the changes. The strips are now more like speed “humps” that don’t make noise when driven over. Holly Pond Mayor Bill Oliver played the council two videos, one of a car driving over the side of the road without strips and then one of another car passing over the side with the strips, showing there is no difference in how the passing cars sounded.

Holly Pond High School student, Leah Tarvin, accompanied by her mother, gave spoke  in favor of the rumble strips Monday night. Tarvin, who was in a car accident on the same stretch of roadway before the strips were placed, shared, “I would rather be annoyed by the sound of the speed bumps than hearing of another wreck.”

“We’re going to decide what to do this time,” said Oliver.

A final motion was brought to leave the rumble strips as they are. The vote passed with four votes; two council members abstained as they felt they’d voted on the issue enough.

The council agreed to add signs to caution drivers to slow down on Brooklyn Road.

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