Tiny and Petite Miss Cullman County Fair Princesses crowned

Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune

Left: 2018 Tiny Miss Cullman County Fair Princess Autumn Rose Cook; right: 2018 Petite Miss Cullman County Fair Princess Maggie Phillips (Christy Perry for The Cullman Tribune)

CULLMAN – The 2018 Tiny Miss Cullman County Fair Princess and Petite Miss Cullman County Fair Princess pageants took place at the Coca-Cola Theater on the Cullman County Fairgrounds Thursday evening, the opening night of the fair. The Tiny Miss pageant was open to 3-4-year-old girls. The Petite Miss pageant featured 5-6-year-old girls. Three judges had the difficult task of selecting the winners from a field of exquisite beauties.

Chris Robinson was the master of ceremonies for Thursday night’s festivities. Judges were Sara Neal, Madison Neal and Samantha McDonald.

First up were the 10 contestants in the Tiny Miss division. Participants and their parents:

  • Ansley Joiner, 3, Adam and Michelle Joiner
  • Ava Skye Lotero, 3, Amber and George Lotero
  • Katie Downs, 3, Eshawnae and Jason Downs
  • Mikayla Grace Meyer, 3, Autumn Boatwright and Damon Meyer
  • Rosslyn Rusk, 4, Shane and Jasmine Rusk
  • Harper Lee Cockrell, 4, Weston and Blakelee Cockrell
  • Kathryn Harp Lamar, 4, AJ and Bethany Lamar
  • Autumn Rose Cook, 3, Kaye Cook
  • Charli Rae Taylor, 4, Bama Mitchell and Michael Taylor
  • Blayklee Rae Overton, 3, Blake and Danielle Overton

The 2017 Tiny Miss Cullman County Fair Princess, Emma Lousby (Andy and Ashley Lousby) made her way across the stage before crowning her successor. Each contestant took the stage for a few poses and turns in her beautiful gown. They dazzled the large crowd as they waved and blew kisses.

As the judges tallied the results, The Tribune spoke with the family of Katie Downs from Crane Hill. Katie wore a stunning gown with a sweetheart neckline and flowing pale pink ruffles.

Her mom, Eshawnae, was proud of her daughter, saying, “This is her first time being on stage alone and she did so good. Her dress reminded us of something Jackie O. might have worn.”

The winners:

  • Ansley Joiner – Most Photogenic
  • 2nd Runner-Up- Kathryn Harp Lamar
  • 1st Runner-Up- Ansley Joiner
  • 2018 Tiny Miss Cullman County Fair Princess- Autumn Rose Cook

This was Autumn’s first pageant.

Her mom, Kaye, explained, “Autumn saw her cousin in the parade last year representing Cold Springs and wanted to try. She has watched the pageant shows on television and her cousin gave her some pointers.”

Autumn’s personality shined through while on stage.

“We (her family) were so excited as her name was announced, Autumn got a bit scared,” Kaye said.

Autumn is from Fairview and attends Early Years Preschool.

Next to take the stage were the 16 contestants hoping to become the 2018 Petite Miss Cullman County Fair Princess. Participants and parents:

  • Brookelyn Fuller, 6, Michelle Fuller
  • Ava Nicole Whatley, 6, Justin and Jessica Whatley
  • Khloe Grace Mosley, 5, Nick and Kaylie Mosley
  • Caylee Eubanks, 5, Jarrod and Angela Eubanks
  • Kabri Lee Wilson, 6, Sammie and Kristen Wilson
  • Tea Vanhorn, 6, Brandi Sinyard
  • Ella Bailey, 5, Mathew and Meredith
  • Tatum Wright, 5, Chad and Gidget Wright
  • Payton Jones, 5, Jonathan and Angela Jones
  • Maggie Phillips, 5, Natacha and Eric Phillips
  • Kinsley Martin, 5, David and Mallory Martin
  • Paisley Story, 6, Holly Story
  • Lainey Grace Eddleman, 5, Jennifer Eddleman
  • Anna Lee Eddleman, 6, Jennifer Eddleman
  • Blakely Cofer, 6, Josh and Jordan Cofer
  • Emberlyn Whatley, 6, Hayla Gregory and Lance Whatley

The 2017 Petite Miss Cullman County Fair Princess, Adalynn Joiner (Michelle Joiner) helped contestants on and off the stage before passing the crown to the 2018 winner. The 16 lovely contestants showed grace and elegance as they glided onto the stage. The group of 16 was reduced to the Top 8, who then took a final walk in hopes of wowing the judges as much as they had the crowd. The Top 8 contestants were: Ava Nicole Whatley, Khloe Grace Mosley, Caylee Eubanks, Kabri Lee Wilson, Tea Vanhorn, Ella Bailey, Maggie Phillips and Blakely Cofer.

As the judges’ scores were counted, Miss Brookelyn Fuller sat with her mom, Michelle. A little sad that she wasn’t selected for the final, she wanted to stay and support the other girls. Brookelynn wore a divine white dress with silver sparkles that dazzled. Brookelyn is a natural beauty who has been in several pageants.

Adalynn Joiner took her place as the judges’ envelopes were passed to the stage. The winners were:

  • Kabri Lee Wilson- Most Photogenic
  • 2nd Runner-Up- Tea Vanhorn
  • 1st Runner-Up- Ava Nicole Whatley
  • 2018 Petite Miss Cullman County Fair Princess- Maggie Phillips

Maggie attends Good Hope Primary School, and this was her first pageant. Her parents, Eric and Natacha, were ecstatic as they heard Maggie’s name announced.

Maggie said, “I can’t believe I won!!”

Maggie was inspired by a friend she saw compete last year.

Maggie’s mom said, “She has talked about wanting to try all year. We finally decided to let her try. She just started practicing and preparing two weeks ago.”

Each winner was presented with a crown, trophy and $100 cash prize.

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