(Bonus) Pet of the Week: survivor Monroe hungry for love


CULLMAN – Cullman County Animal Shelter volunteer Donna Ruttkay introduces us to The Cullman Tribune’s (bonus) Pet of the Week:

Monroe is an older dog whose body and stubby tail indicate that he’s got a fair bit of boxer in him.  He’s a low-energy, submissive pet who could be a great comfort or companion dog. He likes to be close to people and will offer his paw to shake.  He’s also getting good on the leash.

Ruttkay shared, “When Monroe arrived he was emaciated.  He had been on his own for quite some time and would eat just about anything for survival.  His worn-down teeth are a testament to how hungry he was.”

Monroe suffered a bowel impaction due to consuming indigestible litter prior to being rescued, but with a little shelter help, he’s over that now and is showing a hearty appetite as he puts on weight.

Said Ruttkay, “As his frame fills out, along with a pedicure, he's looking spectacular!”  

Animal shelter staff and volunteers work with their dogs to make sure they are accustomed to being around people, walking on a leash and practicing good behavior.  Several of the shelter’s dogs have even been “hired” to work as special needs service dogs.

Monroe is available at a deep discount.  Since he has already been neutered, his new owner will only have to pay for his rabies shot.

Please consider adopting to give a rescued pet a chance at a happy and healthy life.

Contact the Cullman County Animal Shelter at 256-734-5448 or visit 935 Convent Road NE. Reach the shelter by email at cullmancountyanimalshelter@gmail.com.

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