City school board approves emergency repairs to East and West Elementary


The Cullman City School Board met in an emergency session Friday morning to approve emergency repairs for East and West Elementary Schools. (W.C. Mann for The Tribune)

CULLMAN – In an emergency session Friday morning, the Cullman City School Board approved a proposed plan for temporary roof repairs at East and West Elementary Schools, where buildings were damaged during the March 19 hail storm.  Stephen Ward & Associates, Inc. has lined up a team from West Roofing to come over from Georgia and spray a polyurethane foam covering over the existing damaged roofs to stop leaks into the library and special education room at East and the entire complex at West.

According to Cullman City Schools Support Services Coordinator Hayden Faulk, the team was waiting in Georgia for a phone call even as the vote was taking place; they were to arrive and begin staging Friday afternoon, and spend the weekend applying the foam.

Some other buildings that also had damage, but are not currently leaking, will not receive the temporary seal.  The roofs of both schools will be replaced this summer.

The board also granted permission for East Elementary School and Cullman Middle School archery teams to travel to Madisonville, Kentucky on Saturday to compete in the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) Pre-National Archery Tournament.  Additionally, the two schools got the okay to travel to Louisville, Kentucky on May 10-12 to compete in the NASP National Archery Tournament.

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