‘Dream Big’ at Electric Co-op Thursday night


The Cullman Electric Cooperative will host a free screening of the IMAX movie “Dream Big: Engineering Our World” on Thursday evening. / Dream Big

CULLMAN – Calling all girls and boys, young and old! On Thursday night, Feb. 22, the Cullman Electric Cooperative (CEC) is hosting a screening of the IMAX movie “Dream Big: Engineering Our World.” In addition to the free screening, guests will get a “behind-the-scenes tour of the co-op to see just how we engineer the electrical system that brings power to our community,” according to the CEC.  The night’s events are a part of National Engineers Week and Girls Night Out. The event starts at 5:30 p.m.

“We want to be a part of the lives of our community’s children; we want to help to inspire them, and help recruit the next generation of engineers,” said Bonnie Baty, who is the co-op’s communications specialist.

Baty, who’s job includes figuring out ways to engage with the community in unique ways, secured the rights to screen a new IMAX film in Cullman.

“While we don’t have the giant screen, I have already watched it to make sure everything is up and running, and it looks great!” she said.

“We want people to see what we do,” Baty said. “You know, you don’t often think about it in this way, that we have engineers, but we do, and maybe seeing what we do here might inspire someone else.”

The Thursday of National Engineering Week was chosen by the CEC for its event because it is the day of the week that is specifically geared toward engaging young girls who have an interest in engineering.

“We want to not only empower these girls, but also inspire them if this is something they might be interested in,” Baty said. “But, everyone is absolutely welcome on Thursday, this isn’t a girls-only event.”

The film is 45-minutes long, and if the group is large enough, will be shown twice.

“We’re thinking, if the turn-out is as great as we hope it might be, that we’ll split everyone up into two groups, and one group will get a tour while the other watches the movie. Then they’ll switch,” Baty explained.

Popcorn and refreshments will be served. Children in attendance will receive a special gift.

The Cullman Electric Cooperative is located at 1749 Eva Road NE in Cullman.

To learn more about the “Dream Big” movie, visit www.dreambigfilm.com.

For more on National Engineers Week and Girls Night Out, see www.discovere.org/our-programs/engineers-week.

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