City school board meeting notes- Jan. 22


CULLMAN – The Cullman City School Board held its monthly meeting on Monday in Tillman Hall on the Cullman High School campus. The board approved all items on this month’s agenda, beginning with the nomination for school board president. Current president Suzanne Harbin was nominated by the board and will serve as president for the rest of the year.

Also approved:

  • December 2017 payroll of $1,952,562.99, invoices paid of$450,115.70, financial statements and bank reconciliations
  • Head Start Expenditures and Health/Nutrition/Disabilities/Enrollment Reports for December 2017
  • Permission to surplus/salvage 604 Dell Latitude E6410 laptops, 472 Apple iPad Minis, 9 inoperable Cisco access points, 2 Dell desktops, 7 dell projectors, 4 NEC projectors, 6 printers, 4 monitors, Elmo document camera, Cisco IP phone, 17 inoperable Smartboards, CNP cash drawer, CNP lunchroom POS, and one box of old 6410 batteries from Technology Department
  • Permission for Cullman Middle School Math Team to travel to Six Flags Over Georgia on April 27, 2018 for the Math and Science Day
  • Cullman City Schools 2018­-2019 school year calendar
  • Permission to contract with Jackie Kinney to assist the Federal Programs Coordinator in regulating, monitoring, and maintaining programs beginning Feb. 1, 2018 through Sept.30, 2018
  • Permission to contract with Lindsay Brannon to provide NBPTS mentoring beginning Jan. 3, 2018 through June 1, 2019
  • Permission to contract with Josh Raney to provide network support and computer technology support and maintenance to satisfy the intern/apprenticeship requirements of Work Based Learning and Cooperative education beginning Jan. 16, 2018 through May 31, 2018
  • Permission to contract with Jennifer Sparkman to conduct kindergarten screenings and process new enrollment during the summer of 2018 (Title One Funds/Local School Funds)
  • Permission to contract with LeAnn Miller to provide assistance with school office activities including enrolling students for Cullman City Primary School and Head Start during the summer of 2018 (CCPS and Head Start Funds)
  • Permission to contract with Sabrina Jackson and Ann Davis to provide routine summer maintenance such as waxing floors and other necessary cleaning duties at Cullman City Primary School (CCPS and Head Start Funds)
  • Permission to contract with Jacob Miller to provide maintenance duties at Cullman City Primary School during the summer of 2018 (Head Start Funds)

Leaves of Absence:

  • Rita Dean, second-grade teacher at East Elementary School, requests catastrophic leave of absence approximately beginning Jan. 29 through Feb. 21, 2018
  • Alice Lindsey, requests additional two unpaid leave days for Feb. 5 and Feb. 16, 2018
  • Kristen Brown, requests unpaid leave day on Feb. 1, 2018


  • Conditional Employment under the terms of the Child Protection Act of 1999, Act No. 2002­457, and pending certification, as applicable.
  • Meaghan Britton, temporary second-grade teacher at East Elementary School (to fill a leave of absence), tentatively beginning January 16, 2018 ­ February 21, 2018 (Pending ALSDE Certification) (JV 17­085)

The school board will meet next on Thursday, Feb. 22 at noon in the central office boardroom.  

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