4 teams, 5 runners win sectionals; many qualify for state meet


The Cold Springs girls took first place in their sectional on Thursday. / Cold Springs Runners Club

CULLMAN COUNTY – The weather was the only thing dreary as four local teams and five local runners earned cross country sectional crowns on Thursday. Along with those winners, several area runners qualified for the 2017 state cross country meet to be held at Oakville Indian Mounds on Nov. 11.

On the boys’ side, Cullman (16:59), Cold Springs (17:41) and St. Bernard (18:17) all earned first-place finishes in their respective sectionals, while the Cold Springs (22:26) girls took first place in their sectional.

The Cullman and St. Bernard girls’ squads both earned runner-up honors in their sectionals.

Five local runners took home individual sectional titles. Andrew Sweeny of St. Bernard, Eli Wilhite of Cullman and Quinton Chambers of Fairview each crossed the finish line ahead of their peers in their respective races. St. Bernard’s Leahrose Mami and Cold Springs’ Ava Akridge outraced their competition on the girls’ side.

Individual qualifiers- Boys

1A-2A, Section 2 (Cold Springs)

5th Trentan Williams 17:18.53

6th Jonathan Collett 17:22.24

7th C.J. Lang 17:33.23

9th Aaron Spurger 18:07.29

10th Seth Walker 18:07.79


1A-2A, Section 3 (Saint Bernard)

1st Andrew Sweeny 16:41.50

3rd Caleb Guthery 17:53.51

6th Joey McCarthy 18:27.95

9th Joseph Arriaga 18:57.85

10th Francis Mami 19:26.84


3A, Section 4 (Hanceville and Holly Pond)

3rd Aaron Brown (Hanceville) 17:15.18

10th Connor Lowery (Holly Pond) 17:54.54

19th Zackery Reynolds (Holly Pond) 18:39.64


5A, Section 3 (Fairview)

1st Quinton Chambers 17:23.77

21st Keagan Hardin 19:23.26

22nd Peyton Bailey 19:23.14


6A, Section 5 (Cullman)

1st Eli Wilhite 16:20.17

2nd Jackson Tucker 16:25.53

6th Tucker Adkison 17:10.44

7th Will Thompson 17:11.43

14th Atticus Phillips 17:50.53


Individual qualifiers- Girls

1A -2A, Section 2 (Cold Springs)

1st Ava Akridge 20:25.78

4th Alyssa Jackson 22:14.71

5th Sadie Terry 22:29.85

6th Brooke Crider 22:33.52

20th Emma Collett 24:28.41


1A-2A, Section 3 (St. Bernard)

1st Leahrose Mami 19:39.02

4th Eva Barck 22:17.85

5th Lizbeth Medina 22:26.80

11th Anna Beth Guthery 23:20.64

15th Sara Barck 23:39.48


3A, Section 4 (Holly Pond)

3rd Camilla Chambers 20:30.31


4A, Section 4 (Good Hope)

10th Bijou Phillips 21:18.04


5A, Section 3 (Fairview)

5th Alex McDonald 21:35.25

11th Carrington Chambers 22:55.35

20th Kennedy Chambers 23:52.12

21st Angelica Antibero 24:05.37

23rd Emma Gardner 24:29.89


6A, Section 5 (Cullman)

10th Della Kelly 21:32.07

13th Jennifer Aviles 22:07.10

17th Mattie Green 22:26.26

23rd Alexandra Holt 23:11.93

27th Tess Heaton 23:19.72


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