Merchants Bank’s Kimberly Dockery promoted

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The Board of Directors of Merchants Bank of Alabama recently promoted Kimberly Dockery to senior vice president and Silver Spirit director.

Dockery joined Merchants Bank of Alabama in 2000 and worked in the customer service area of the bank assisting customers in many different transactions and banking services. Dockery assisted with the bank’s Silver Spirit program and was named director of the program in 2003. Under Dockery’s leadership, the bank’s Silver Spirit program has grown to more than 2,000 members.

In leading this program, Dockery organizes and leads seminars and educational events for the members as well as the travel portion of the program. She organizes and leads single-day and overnight trips in the Southeast and multi-day trips in the lower 48 states, along with trips in the past to Alaska and Hawaii. Dockery’s commitment and dedication to not only the program, but also the bank’s customers and Silver Spirit members has earned her high accolades from the Silver Spirit family.

The board of directors and management are very supportive of Dockery’s Silver Spirit program.

Steve Glasscock, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Merchants Bank said, “The outstanding success of the Silver Spirit program and the loyalty of Silver Spirit members and Merchants Bank customers to Kim is an acknowledgement by those individuals of Kim’s sincere dedication and commitment to individuals and their banking services. Kim exceeds their expectations on a continuous basis and always looks out for their best interest(s).”

Dockery invites everyone to come experience the Silver Spirit difference and the Silver Spirit treatment at Merchants Bank of Alabama.