Files from Yesteryear: 1964


From the Files Of 1964: Around the County

Mrs. Boyd Drake is spending a couple of months in Florida.

Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Herndon and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Pitts and children spent Sunday, in Decatur, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Junior Herndon.

Luna W. Meadows spent the weekend visiting relatives, in Birmingham.

Barbara Clark, of Washington, D.C., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Clark.

North Walter News

Mrs. Madeline Sutton, of Cullman, was the Wednesday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sutton.

Mrs. Feltus McGriff and daughter, Janice Fay, of Birmingham, were the Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs.  Claude Gable.

Mrs. Leon Minor and son, of Detroit, are spending a few weeks with Mrs. Thurman Loyel.

Mrs. J.H. Nuss returned home, on Saturday, after spending a week, in Birmingham and Mount Olive.

Mrs. Ollie Jacobs and children and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Baker and children, of Logan, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Cortez Gable and Judith Kay.

Bethany News

Reverend Emory Calvert preached an interesting sermon, at Bethany, on Sunday.

Aunt Lina Wood is ill.

Mrs. Ogle Campbell and children and Mr. and Mrs. Doyal Campbell and baby spent Sunday afternoon with Mr.  and Mrs. Clifton Trimble, at Trimble.

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Lay have moved back to their home here, after working in South Carolina for two years.

Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Shedd, of South Bay, Florida, visited her mother, Mrs. Ema Harbison, last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harbison and children are visitors of the A.E. Smiths.

Mr. and Mrs. Junior Robinson and children, of Cullman, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Purdue and Hilda.

Miss Margaret Smith attended the Grand Old Opry, on Saturday night, in Nashville.

Martha Jane Jackson, Charles Arnold, Florence Culpepper, Jack House, Cora Sue Duffey, Naomi Stisher, Sara Green, Nelda Heatherly, Louise Hendrix, W.L. Heaton, Marja Nell Reid, Rachel Folsom, Betty McMinn, Faye Giles,  Brenda Tiffin, Carole Brindley and Donna Kinney.

At the Cullman-Athens game, or elsewhere, on Friday night, were Janell Tucker and Jackie Crider, Emily Gibson and J.O. Markum, Edigna Edwards and Max Kelley, Nancy Moore and Pete Taylor, Jo Nonaker and Jon Suggs, Delores Burns and Bobby White, Wanda Baker and Jimmy Woods and Shirley Hamilton and Dwight Tucker.

Over at Bobbie Copeland’s, on Wednesday night, were Joyce Hart, Patsy Hendrix, Betty Whatley, Gloria Mann, Peggy Brown, Melba Mann, Willodean Brown, Ovell Cargo, Ruth Bean, David Quattlebaum, Jack Raley, Jack Osborne, Mousie Hand, Ronald Johnson, Darrell Strickland and Pete Taylor. Later on Wednesday night, they went to Patsy Hendrix’s house.

Teen Chatter

A “Sweetheart” banquet was held by the G.A.’s, of the First Baptist Church, on Friday night. Enjoying the games and refreshments, which carried out a Valentine motif, were Peggye Hart, Fielding Buchanan, Gayla Sutton, James Williams, Sally  Vandiver, Pat Stewart,


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