Cullman County schools band together to support Texans


VINEMONT – Vinemont Middle School, along with all Cullman County schools, is collecting materials and supplies until Tuesday of next week to help in the relief effort for those affected by the historic rainfall and flooding in Texas.

When Dr. Vicky Spear, principal of Vinemont Middle School, called Cullman County Schools Superintendent Shane Barnette she had one question in mind: “Can I send money?”

“Of course, I knew the answer to that question,” she said. “But I had to ask anyway. So many of the kids wanted to get involved.”

Spear explained that since the money she was planning to collect and send to the relative of one of the faculty members was going to a church organization, it was not legal.

“But, we found out that the emergency services don’t provide materials such as diapers and wipeys (sic),” Spear said.

Spear said that the Vinemont Middle School theme of the year is “Anyone Can Be a Hero,” and she felt that this was a perfect opportunity to emphasize that theme.

“The sort of supplies on the list that the students can purchase are all affordable and will allow all of them to participate,” she said.

All Cullman County Schools are participating in collecting materials to send to Texas in a relief effort. According to Spear, the deadline for dropping off materials to the schools for anyone in the local communities is Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, a truck will visit all the schools, pick up the donations, and begin the journey to Texas.

“I only know what Vinemont is collecting at this time,” Spear said regarding the specific baby-related items that the school is collecting.

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IMAGE: Floodwaters from the Addicks Reservoir inundate a neighborhood off N. Eldridge Parkway in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2017, in Houston. ( Brett Coomer / Houston Chronicle)