Cullman County Auburn Club hosts freshmen send-off


Six Auburn freshmen attended the Cullman County Auburn Club freshmen send-off event. / W.C. Mann

CULLMAN – Many graduates from the Class of 2017 are using this month to put the finishing touches on their college plans. Orientation, housing, meal plan, and financial aid can all be huge sources of stress, so many people and organizations offer resources to help students make the transition from high school to college. Thursday night, one of these organizations hosted its annual send-off celebration for freshmen or transfer students who will attend Auburn University this fall.

The Cullman County Auburn Club serves as a resource for students all throughout the county, not just Cullman city, who plan to attend Auburn. To help students make new friends and get an idea of what the school is really like, the club hosts an annual freshman send-off roughly a month before classes start. This year's celebration didn't have the same attendance it usually does, but it still gave the incoming students the chance to feel more at-ease with the big change in their lives.

Pizza, cookies and drinks were provided, and three current Auburn University students opened the floor to questions about what campus life is really like. Some pieces of advice they gave:

– If you live on campus, Friday nights can be a good time to do your laundry because everyone else is usually busy.

– If you take the Tiger Transit buses to school from an off-campus residence, get on the bus at least 45 minutes before you need to get to class due to the constant stops and possible morning traffic.

– Never wait until the end of the semester to get tutoring. If you need help, get it as soon as possible. There's no shame in needing assistance.

– If you end up getting stuck with 8 a.m. classes, find a routine and stick to it. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even if you don't have early classes. Getting used to waking up at that time will make the mornings less terrible.

– Coffee is your best friend.

– Don't fill your schedule too much in your first semester. Wait until you know what your classes will demand of you before you find a job or join several clubs.

After the Q&A, the new students introduced themselves and their majors, then were given gift bags filled with items sent from the university. Each gift bag contained a water bottle, a stress ball, a copy of the Auburn Creed, and a roll of toilet paper to carry on the tradition of rolling the Toomer's Corner trees.

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