City vs. County blood drive set for Friday


Claudina Massey gives blood at last year’s City vs. County event / Tribune File Photo

CULLMAN – This year’s City vs. County blood drive will take place on Friday, June 9. LifeSouth will have their famous blood mobiles stationed at four locations around Cullman from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Head of Donor Recruiting with LifeSouth, Melanie Moore, along with her partner at LifeSouth, Kimberly Roberson, are excited for the potential for more donors this year.

“Last year we had 53 eligible donors in the city, and 78 eligible donors in the county,” Moore said. “That makes 131 good units of blood. And since every unit has the potential to save up to three lives, we had a hand in saving around 393 lives last year.”

LifeSouth is such a massive contributor to the blood supply of Cullman Regional and emergency medical services, that, according to Moore, the chance of receiving blood in an emergency situation in Cullman and it coming from a source other than LifeSouth is less than one percent.

To donate blood for the City team, donors can visit Wal-Mart on Highway-157 or Dick’s Sporting Goods. County sites are the Wal-Mart on Olive Street and the Cullman County Courthouse.

Donors will receive a free sandwich, grilled by the Cullman County Cattlemen and Cattlewomen’s Association and a T-shirt from LifeSouth featuring the phrase, “Blood is like a parachute; if it isn’t there when you need it, chances are you’ll never need it again.” Donors will also receive savings coupons from various businesses around Cullman.

Expect a 30-45-minute process for donations, not including the potential for lines at the different locations.

“Eat a good meal before you come, a meal that sticks to your ribs you know,” Moore said. “And be well-hydrated.” Moore said most of the complications come with people who haven’t had water or food before they visit a blood mobile.

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