Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam


CULLMAN COUNTY – The Cullman County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens of a phone scam currently being perpetrated throughout the area.

A statement from the sheriff's office reads:

The Cullman County Sheriff's Office has received several calls, reports and social media messages from citizens who are getting scam calls from people who claim to be with different government agencies all wanting the citizens to send them money because they missed jury duty or a loved one is trying to get out of jail. This is a scam!!

No one from the Cullman County Sheriff's Office, the court system or government agencies will call and ask you to send money over the phone or through social media.

"We want to remind folks that the sheriff's office, courts or IRS, etc. are not going to call you and solicit money over the phone, or send the sheriff’s office out to arrest you. That’s not how it works," said Sheriff Matt Gentry.

Please warn any of your family members who are senior citizens and are a target of these type of scams.

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