West Point High School Class of 2017


Graduation will be on Sunday, May 21 at 4 p.m. at Tom Drake Coliseum on the campus of Wallace State.

“I want to wish all the Classes of 2017 the best of luck. You are moving on to your next milestone in life. It is my wish that all your hopes and dreams come true. I encourage you to make a difference in whatever you choose as a job or career. May the Lord bless your future endeavors and I pray for peace and prosperity for you all!”
Principal Heith Yearwood


(Starting at top row and going down)
Row one: (top), (left to right): Riley Allcorn, Nicole Watson, Emily James, Taylor Eady, Khristian Thompson,Cameron Moore, Dalton Thompson, Alex Hernandez, Lee Dean, Dalton Freeman, Jennel Rigdon, Jennifer Segundo Amber Rodgers.

Row two: (left to right): Madison Wren, Morgan Coucke, Cassie Mariano, Madison Lively, Kaleb Faulkner, Travis Sinyard, Alex Barton, Deidra Lewis, William McElhone, Jayden Goodwin, Sylvia Tucker, Haley Parrott and Bridget Landa-Morales.

Row three, (left to right): Caden Vaughan, Garrett McKleroy, Michael Keller, Matthew Daniel, Jake Wood, Cooper Creel, Nicolas Moore, Christian Garcia, Josh Daugherty, Cole Brown, Lucas Suits and Will Jones.

Row four: (left to right): Noah Medina, Seth Parker, Brooke McMurry, Allison Bennefield, Austin Holmes, Cassie Freeman, Shaylee Woody, Renee Handy, Hannah McKenzie, Brantley Rodgers, Chance Martin and Abigail League.

Row five: (left to right): Randil Nickelson, Austin Pace, Sean Rowell, Bailee Yearwood, Taylor Powell, Elsa Ontiveros and Hanna Carden.

Row six: (left to right): Alyssa Price, Maddie Whitesell, Jose Garcia, Mackenzie Burns, Katilin Crowe, Kaitlyn Hilburn and SeAnna Simpson.

Row seven: (left to right): Austin Armstrong, Logan O'Neil, Andrew Hamm, MaKenna Gaskin, Cheyenne Hall, Katie Clark and Mary Andrews.

Row eight: (left to right): Eli Lindsey, Tyler Thompson, Jake Bagwell, Sarah Wright, Abby Cagle, Ally Sapp and Abbey Wren.

Row nine: (left to right): MaKayla Calvert, Chase Carter, Savannah Fowler, Mackenzie Thompson, Maggie Braswell, Caleb Barnette, Kaitlyn McCullar and Zachary Clayton.

Row 10: (left to right): Jacob Entinger, Gary Jolly, Austin McLamb, Brooklyn Bryant, Hope Oliver, Dave Doss and Brandon Farley.

Row 11: (left to right): Jordyn Kimbrell, Madison Roberts, Lillie Burdette, Carley Colburn, Sturgis Hunter, Joshua Moore and Jaylin Foster.

Not Pictured: Desiree Barnes, Courtney Blackwood, Devin Brown, Alexis Butler, Brandie Carter, Brendan Casteel, James Curl, Allison Davis, Austin Frederick, Devan Freeman, Joshua Fulmer, Olivia Green, Alexis Harbison, Travis Hill, Kierian Hulsey, Jacob Jellerson, Nick Johnson, Alejandro Lopez, Ale Martinez, Cameron McDonald, Jacob Nix, Tiffany Oden, Ashley Oswald, Loren Owens, Micah Owens, Tyler Pair, Payton Peebles, Jason Polk, Staci Prater, Andrew Quisenberry, Casey Smith, Javier Torres, Jeremy Turbeville, Trent Tuten ,Elizabeth Vance, Chris Widner and Iszick Wynn.

(Photo Courtesy Of West Point High School Yearbook Staff)

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