Down and dirty at Stony Lonesome

Heather Mann

The first two runners to cross the finish line

CULLMAN – Mile and 5K runs are a popular pastime, especially as the weather heats up. Many local organizations hold these runs as fundraisers or methods of bringing awareness to a cause, while others hold them simply because they want to provide people with some fun. Around town, they range from your basic runs, to color runs to the down and dirty: the Stony Lonesome Mud Run. Cullman County Parks and Recreation holds the infamous mud run on rough and dirty terrain with challenges and obstacles that aren't commonly offered, all at Stony Lonesome OHV Park. This year’s run took place Saturday morning.

Both courses offered at the Stony Lonesome Mud Run – the mile course and the 5K course – have a variety of obstacles intended to provide significant challenges to runners. Rock gardens, creek crossings, climbing spots and shoe-sticking mud pits all hindered the progress of the participants during Saturday morning's run.

When asked what made them choose to do the mud runs in the first place, Stony Lonesome Park Manager Tyler Lindsey replied, "Well, we've got it, and people like mud. You know, it's different. Everybody runs these obstacle courses and regular 5Ks, and we offer a different variety of terrain out here with creek crossings, rope climbs, and we've already got all the mud so we might as well use it."

The runs are so popular that Saturday morning's group of runners was so big it had to be broken up into four smaller groups and sent off at intervals. Lindsey estimated that there were probably around 300 people in attendance. The first people to finish the mile run came in after a little more than 20 minutes, while the first 5K runners came in close to 40 minutes. As a testament to the courses' challenges, only a third of the original runners had crossed the finish line after an hour.

Runners hoping to participate in the future won't have to wait a whole year for their next opportunity. The park is planning a "Running the Sasquatch" event this fall.

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