Cullman welcomes Below Car Clinic

W.C. Mann

Office staff, mechanics and even customers join Dr. Below and Mayor Woody Jacobs in cutting the ribbon.


CULLMAN – On Friday morning, the City of Cullman and the Cullman Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed a new business to the commercial corridor along Highway 31/Second Avenue Northwest.  Dr. David Below (BEE-low), formerly of Below Chiropractic Center, took up auto restoration as a post-retirement hobby; until it pulled him out of retirement altogether.  Below Car Clinic employs a staff of 12 mechanics, salespeople and administrative personnel.

“After I retired,” Below related, “I didn’t last two weeks.  I was messing with an old car at the time, so I got into the restoration business, then decided I needed to quit spending money and start making a little money and still do good work on cars.  I love cars, so it evolved into this.  Now we have a pre-owned car lot, we have a full mechanic shop; we do everything for a car.  I still have the restoration shop and collision shop, so we can rebuild your car, too.  We do it all.

“One of the things that we are intent on is the values that have come from the chiropractic practice.  The work we do here will be second to none.  We won’t do anything that’s not necessary to a vehicle you have.  We’re intent on that.  We know that some people have gone to mechanics, and they tried to sell them something they didn’t need.  A catch phrase that I use every day is ‘Pay attention to the details.’  The details mean doing what needs to be done, but also not doing what doesn’t need to be done.”

Below Car Clinic is located at 1645 Second Ave. NW.  For more information visit or

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