Homespun medicine

W.C. Mann

Homesteaders Director Shannon McBride and Dr. Pat Glover

CULLMAN – Dr. Pat Glover calls herself an “escapee from mainline medicine.”  She really is a physician, with an active license in Florida, but she has chosen to focus her work on alternative medicine and herbology.  Recently, she spoke to the Peinhardt Homesteaders about homegrown (in some cases, literally) medicine for the homestead and hard times.

She’s not opposed to modern medicine; she just doesn’t want to rely on it more than she needs to.

“If you’ve got appendicitis,” she said, “you need to be in the ER; but most of the things that happen to us in everyday life, we can take care of ourselves.  I think we can be taken care of in a much safer manner with oils and herbs, and just ordinary things.”

Glover talked to the group about the kinds of things people might want to have handy if they live where emergency medical help is not quickly available, or if they find themselves in disaster situations that see emergency services overwhelmed.

She listed various essential oils and herbs, along with their medicinal properties and talked about how to manufacture medical tinctures and teas.  She shared a recipe for a homemade rehydration beverage, and explained wound treatment from cleaning a simple cut all the way to suturing.

“We just need to be as prepared as we can,” said Glover.  We need to learn how to take care of ourselves, our families, our loved ones and our neighbors.  The more we learn, the more we can help each other in times of trouble.”

Glover teaches workshops and classes on alternative medicine, and has other upcoming events in the area.  For more information, call 978-810-0923 or email

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