Mo’s Joes and the Sunflour Bakery & Eatery: Cullman Business District’s new coffee shop and dining spot

W.C. Mann

Co-owner Jon Montgomery

CULLMAN – Cullman’s newest beverage and snack shop is a family affair.  Mo’s Joes is the project of proprietors Jon and Frances Montgomery, and daughters Morgan (the manager; The family calls her “Mo Mo,” and her dad said we could print that.  She’s the Mo in the shop’s name) and Savannah Montgomery, and daughter Jamelyn Popdan.  They opened for their first day of business on Tuesday, March 14 in the Fourth Street Southwest location most recently occupied by The Irish Chipper.  The Tribune caught up with Jon Montgomery as the shop was finishing up its first day.

“Mo’s Joes,” said the proud papa, “we’re just a family-owned and operated coffee shop.  My daughter’s (Morgan) been a barista for five years; she worked at the Tin Roof Cafe at the Cullman hospital.  She’s always dreamed of having a place of her own, and the Good Lord saw that we were able to put it all together and make it happen for her.”

Both of the owners work other full-time jobs, but took a few days off this week to help launch this business that their daughter will manage.

And it’s not just a coffee shop.  The Montgomerys teamed up with Amanda and Brad Quattlebaum of Sunflour Bakery & Eatery, already known to many locals at its location on County Road 222.  Sunflour still has that location; Montgomery was careful to point out that his partners have not moved from their original location, but have opened a second location.

He said, “I asked them if they would mind supplying our baked goods and anything else that they wanted to supply.  We’ve just had a very good friendship and partnership right from the beginning.  They’re not moving, they’re expanding their business to downtown Cullman.”

Mo’s Joes/Sunflour Bakery & Eatery serves regular and gourmet (Montgomery called them “froufrou”) coffees, soft drinks, juices, gums and mints.  Baked goods include biscuits, cinnamon rolls and cookies, and there are sandwiches and several kinds of salads.  Future plans may see hot supper items on the menu, as the business grows.

In days ahead, the shop is also likely to become a rentable venue for special events, and will host shows by local artists and performances by local musicians.

The folks at Mo’s/Sunflour have a special place in their hearts for military veterans and emergency responders, and Montgomery had a special offer to make:

“Any first responder (fire, EMT, law enforcement) who comes in here, we’ll give them a free 12-ounce cup of coffee; veterans, too.  Those guys have made what this is for us.”

The shop will also offer discounts to local pastors, and to anyone who brings in a church bulletin.

Reflecting back on his first day in the business, Montgomery responded, “Opening day was very good.  Aside from a few little quirks and trying to tweak the business a little, it was very good.  There are things we’re learning along the way, because we’ve never had a business before.  We had people in and out all day long; just good vibes all day long.”

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At a glance

Mo’s Joes and the Sunflour Bakery & Eatery

116 Fourth St. SW, Cullman

Open Tuesday-Thursday 6 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Friday 6 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-9 p.m.

Closed Sunday and Monday



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