Holly Pond High School’s Zackery Reynolds wins state geometry tournament

W.C. Mann
I like English and science, but math more than anything.  Numbers speak to me better than words.”
Zackery Reynolds

HOLLY POND – Zackery Reynolds enjoys running.  He competes in track and field and cross-country for Holly Pond High School (HPHS), scoring near the top of the team roster this year in 2-mile and 5K events.  And while he’s running circles around most of us, he’ll probably be able to tell us the circumference and area of those circles.  

Reynolds’s most recent honor came off the field at the 2017 Alabama Statewide 1A-4A Math Contest on Feb. 25, when he competed in the geometry exam portion against students from all over the state.  Since the exam was given simultaneously at eight locations around the state, competitors left without knowing their results.  More than a week after he took the test, Reynolds heard during the school’s morning announcements that he was the top scorer.  That’s not top scorer at Wallace State, where he took the test; that’s top geometry scorer in the state of Alabama!

“At first I was like, ‘Did they get something wrong?’ said Reynolds.  “I felt like I probably placed, but number one?  Usually I finish like fourth or fifth in the county, and they said, ‘Congratulations Zack Reynolds, for winning the Math Team tournament.’  I wanted to hear it from Ms. (Tracy) Adams (HPHS Math Team Coach) first, to make sure it was true; and it was true, and I was pretty surprised.”

Adams said,  “We’ve had winners in the past, but this is our first winner since it’s been 1A through 4A.  That’s quite an accomplishment out of four different classifications.”

Additionally, the HPHS Geometry Team did well as a whole, ranking fourth statewide in the competition.

By the way, Reynolds is a freshman!  In his first year of high school, he beat out every upperclassman in the state.  He’s a winner, and he’s just getting started.

Reynolds has always had an affinity for mathematics, remarking, “Ever since I was little, math was always my best subject.  I like English and science, but math more than anything.  Numbers speak to me better than words.”

As young as he is, Reynolds is already looking ahead.  He plans to attend the University of Alabama in Huntsville or the University of Alabama, and wants to study toward a career in biomedical engineering.

He expressed gratitude for those who have helped him get where he is. “I’m thankful for everything. I wouldn’t be able to do this without God blessing me with the ability.  I work hard, but I wouldn’t be able to do this if I wasn’t talented, and you get talent from God, as simple as that.  My parents keep on pushing me; even when I mess up, they just pick me right back up and say, ‘Come on, you’ve got this.’”

Adams added, “He definitely possesses a God-given talent, but he is also a very hard worker; and that’s paid off for him.  It takes both a work ethic and the ability, and he has that combination; so we know he’s going to represent us well for several more years.  We’re excited about that.”

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