Files from Yesteryear: 1917 and 1937


From the Files of 1917:

Mrs. Leigh Taliaferro returned to her home in Nashville, on Saturday, after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Leeth.

D.T. Kinney has returned from a few days visit in Atlanta.

Mrs. G. Hartung was hostess at the Symphony Club meeting on Thursday.

S.M. Lovelady was painfully injured on Sunday near Mount Zion, where he was leaning over at work on his automobile and was side swiped by another auto, as it was driven down the pike. The unavoidable accident  was  deeply regretted by all.

A crowd of 19 gave Miss Louise Buettner a birthday surprise on January 1st.

Leonard and Herman Lee, of Vinemont, were in the city on Friday.

Miss Deany Rollo has returned from Troy, where she visited her aunt, Mrs. Emma Head.

Herman Steindoff has resigned as secretary  of  the  City  School  Board and J.A. Dunlap, City Clerk, has been elected to succeed him.

Mayor M.L. Robertson entertained a number of friends at a dinner party on Tuesday evening, honoring Miss Elsa Hartung, who leaves this week for Cincinnati to become a student at the Conservatory of Music.

Mrs. W.B. Mason entertained her card club on Tuesday. Mrs. Philip Hartung won a high score and was presented a kewpie pincushion.

J.R. Martin, who lives  seven  miles south of town on the Bremen pike, killed a large gray eagle near his home last Friday. It measures seven feet and six inches from tip to tip of wings. He gave it to the Tribune and we are not having it mounted. (Editor’s Note: Eagle Eye is  still “on guard” at the Tribune office).

Doctor and Mrs. W.P. Wilks were “pounded” at the Baptist Church on Thursday. He has completed  his  third year as pastor here.


From the Files of 1937:

The senior class of Hanceville High will present their class play on January 23rd. The cast includes: Margaret Engel, Mary Dunlap, Birdie L. Webb, Mary Lynn Compton, Beulah Carroll, Sarah  Marlowe, Alice Compton, Harold Meadows, Elwin Creel, A.D.  Rutherford, Lester Chappell, Glenn Ryan, Rimel Freeman, Claude Grantham, Allen Horton and Inez York.

J.N. Nix was appointed engineer of the City  Light  and  Water  Plant  to  succeed Raymond Wray, who resigned after ten years in that capacity.

While the Cullman High School basketball team was practicing on Wednesday many articles of value were taken from the pockets of their clothes, hung in the bath house. Among those losing articles were: Collis Day, a watch and ring, George Gammon, watch, knife and chain and Clark Keller, watch, chain, knife and some money.

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Griffin are on vacation, motoring in Georgia and Florida.

Professor P.F. Bria is ill with the flu.

Married this  week  were Miss Margaret Lewis and Maurice Dean.

Mrs. John Wagner, age 85, died at her home.

Officers elected by the Leeth Bank directors are H.C. Arnold, president; W.S. Leeth, vice-president; J.A.  Dunlap, cashier and W.O. Dunlap, assistant cashier.

Doctor and Mrs. P.G. Hartung spent the weekend in Auburn with their son, Philip, Junior, who is attending API.

Mrs. Bess Morrow was hostess to members of the B.P.W. Club this week.

Greenwood Camp, age 26, of Cullman, was host to a large gathering  of  Woodmen of the World here on Thursday night.

Mrs. Ray Griggs announces the engagement of her daughter, Christine McCoy, to Tom Drake, grandson of the late Mr. and Mrs. Whit Drake, of Vinemont. Wedding plans will be announced later.


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