Files from Yesteryear: 1953


From the Files of 1953:


Simcoe News

Carl Peak celebrated his birthday on Sunday with a surprise birthday dinner.

Douglas Hill, of Birmingham, spent the weekend with relatives here.

Johnnie Hill had as her overnight guests recently, Barbara Jo Pearson, Melba Evans, Gerroldean Schnittker, Evon Aikens and Wilma Moody.


Walter News

Mrs. Jeff Nuss spent Wednesday night and Thursday of last week, in Hanceville, with Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Clapp.

The following were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gable: Mr. and Mrs. Alton Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Segler, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Burrow and children, Mrs. O.A. Calvert, Mrs. Arthur Sutton, Mrs. Luther Black and Mrs. A.B. Burrow.


Bruce Harbison Elected

On September 18th, the boys of Jones Chapel School met with O.D. Crosby for the purpose of organizing  the 4-H Club for 1953-1954. The officers elected are president, Bruce Harbison, vice-president, Jerry Brock, secretary, Harold Self, reporter, Lewis Pierce and song leader, David Persall.


Fortner Family Reunion

The Fortner family reunion was held on September 20th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fortner with these members attending: Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Fortner, Gail and Linda, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fortner, Estherleane Smith and Carmaleane, Mr. and Mrs. Geneva Thomas, Jo Ann and Jimmy, Mr. and  Mrs. Harvie Chance, Jane and Judy, Mrs. Guy Yeager, Bobby, Patsy, Janice and Johnnie B. and Mrs. Landis McIntosh.


Hanceville News

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones and Hubert were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shoemaker, in Russellville.

Misses Anna and Lizzie Rauckmann spent Sunday in Birmingham, where they visited their brother, Fred Rauchmann, who is ill in a hospital there.

Mrs. George T. Rowe spent  several  days last week visiting relatives in Montgomery. Mrs. M.W. Cribbs, her mother, returned with her for a few days.

Mike and Butch McElroy, of Birmingham, are spending this week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. C.V. McElroy.

Mrs. William Clapp and Mrs. A.J. Pichelmeyer are spending this week in Birmingham, visiting Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Pichelmeyer.

E.J. Boyd, of Mobile, spent  the weekend at home.

Mrs. Cortez Peeler underwent surgery last Tuesday at the Carraway Methodist Hospital in Birmingham.

Mr. and Mrs. Guyles S. Combs and family and John Ashwander  spent Sunday, in Fayette, visiting Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Ashwander.

Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Jackson and Miss Dorothy Jackson spent Friday, in Pell City.

Shelburne Stanley is ill this week, in Cullman Hospital.

Friday  dinner  guests  of  Mr.  and Mrs. W.C. Quattlebaum were: Mrs. J.T. Cahoon and Clyde Winn, of Atlanta, Georgia.

Reverend Hubert Thomas, of Chicago, was  the guest  last week  of Mr.  and Mrs. A.B. Thomas.

Jackie Quick underwent a tonsillectomy on Friday at the Cullman Hospital.

Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Caudell were: Mrs. James  B.  Kelly, James Kelly, Junior and Tommy Nebrig, of Decatur.

Flemmadell Kennimur left Sunday to return to the University for the winter term.

Mr. and Mrs. Willis Kannady and daughter, of Chattanooga, were the weekend guests of relatives here.

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Miller, of Pennsylvania, are the guests this week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Helms.

Mr. and Mrs. James Linton and family, of Birmingham and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Johnson and son, of Athens, were the Sunday guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Linton.

Mrs. John Sims is spending a few days in Birmingham with her husband, who is quite ill at the Jefferson Hospital.


Pentecost News

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roberts and children, of Gardendale, spent Saturday night with her mother, Mrs. Madge Chopp.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hall, of Cullman and Mr. and Mrs. Dock Hall were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hall.

Mr. and Mrs. James Whitworth and children, of Anniston, are visiting his mother, Mrs. Thomas Whitworth, who remains very ill.

Mrs. Hilda Holoway and children were Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hall and Miss Beatrice Donaldson. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Monroe and children, of Birmingham, Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Mullins and baby, of Decatur, were  Sunday  guests  of  her  parents, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mullins.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim  Weathers  and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Cliton Collins, at Simcoe, on Sunday.


Rough Edge News

Mr. and Mrs. Noah Nail and family, of Owls Hollow, spent the day Saturday visiting H.J. Nails and family.

A birthday party honored Joyce Hooper, recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Nail  spent Saturday night with Mrs. Nail’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Huffstutler, of Crane Hill. Bennie and Bud had plenty luck coon hunting that night.

Dorothy Creekmore and Bill Nail will be married in the late fall.

Mrs. Kathryn Estes has gone to work in California.

Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Bateman, of Birmingham, visited her family, Mr. and Mrs. John Shedd, on Sunday.

Ellis Earl Herrington is back from Ohio for a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hill (Rozella Nail) visited friends here on Sunday.

The fire that started from a burning saw dust pile has done considerable damage in the woods here.

Mrs. Walter Deese has joined her husband in Ohio.

Mrs. Dick Hassel and daughter, Carmel Lita, visited Mrs. A.C. Brown, on  Sunday.

Hazel Garmon is up from Birmingham this week.


Battleground 4-H Club Elects Officers

The Battleground 4-H Club elected Raymond Hudson as president, at their meeting, on September 15th.  Other officers elected included: Norman Guthery, vice-president, Lamar Oakley, secretary, Jerry Mac Walker, reporter and Jimmy  Laney and  Riley   Sellers,  song leaders.


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