Colony provides school supplies for 28 children

Will Hogue

COLONY – Colony concluded its annual summer program with a back-to-school event.

The event capped off a summer program that gave 28 registered students all the supplies they will need for the new school year.          

“I went to Wal-Mart, loaded up a couple of buggies, we went by the school lists, some in Cold Springs, some in Hanceville,” said Colony Town Clerk Patricia Ponder. “We did just the basic supplies. You can’t do everything. We didn’t do tissues and Germ-X and some of those things. But we got pencils, crayons, composition notebooks, erasers, everything they could need.”          

Ponder and three others bagged all the items up into individual packets for each of the 28 registered students, depending on grade level          

The cost of all the supplies was $660, which was paid for by the Town of Colony.          

“This town does this almost every year. It is not just for those who were registered in the summer program, but anyone in the general area,” said Ponder. “That wasn’t the case this year, but that is usually the case.”