Mixing faith with sports

Josh McBrayer

CULLMAN – “The vision is to see the world impacted by Christ through sports.” These were the words spoken by Northeast Alabama Fellowship of Christian Athletes Director of Campus Ministries Matt Herring when asked about the FCA following a full day of sports camp activities. FCA Power Sports Camp kicked off Monday morning at the Cullman Civic Center.

The Northeast chapter of the FCA serves five counties and holds four sports camps annually, with one camp being held right here in Cullman.

“(The camp) is for 7 to 13-year-old kids,” said Herring, “and we do an internship program with high school and college kids. They are our counselors.”

The camp teaches the many aspects of sports, both team and individual, but also focuses on the importance of faith.

“First, it is a legitimate sports camp and a legitimate Christian camp,” explained Herring. “We have professional and college coaches at eight different sports. Basketball, volleyball, softball, football, cheerleading, karate and some others. They get to get better at their sports in the morning. We have some competition time in the afternoon then we have huddles where they get to grow in their faith.”

This is a wonderful way for young athletes to learn their sport and expand their faith, from an organization that has been spreading the word of God through athletics since 1954.

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To find out more now, visit http://northalabamafca.org/cullman.